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Technical Tidbits 3/3

In which the ACC goes full QB.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Your Georgia Tech baseball team, currently standing at 8-3 on the season following a three-game sweep of Indiana State over the weekend, will be taking on Ohio tonight at Russ Chandler Stadium for "$2 Tuesday". As the name suggests, everything from tickets to hot dogs to other concessions will cost just two dollars all throughout the game, which will hopefully end in another offensive explosion for the Jackets. Tonight's game will also serve as the final out-of-conference matchup before Tech begins the ACC slate with Notre Dame this weekend -- the Irish are off to a scorching 10-1 start to the season and will be a tough test for Danny Hall's team.

Former Georgia Tech guard Shaq Mason is looking to expand his skillset before the NFL draft by learning how to play center, one of the few roles which he didn't play during his time at Tech. Mason, an All-American and one of the biggest snubs from the NFL combine, is considered by many people (who apparently can't watch tape) to be undersized and not physically built for the pros. It's a rumor that I'm sure Mason would love a chance to put to rest, and one of the best ways to do just that is to add new dimensions to his already well-rounded game.

At the beginning of last season, a grand total of two ACC schools -- Duke and Florida State -- had a solid, proven quarterback waiting to kick off the season. For the other twelve member schools, there was no incumbent to speak of because of transfer, graduation, or otherwise; quarterback play all across the conference appeared to be on a downswing. The regular season, however, would see numerous quarterbacks step up and become stars for their respective teams -- Marquise Williams, Justin Thomas, Brad Kaaya, Jacoby Brissett, and Deshaun Watson (among others) would come out of nowhere and establish themselves as top-of-the-line signal callers. This emergence of quality quarterbacks begs the question of whether or not we can expect the ACC to become one of the premier QB conferences, but only time will tell.

Just in case you need someone new to follow on twitter (or an excuse to justify building a bomb shelter in your basement), be sure to hit up South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier, who just created his first social media account yesterday. I think that this could feasibly become a really fun thing to follow; I'd even be willing to bet on an over/under on how many tweets he is forced to delete in the first week. I'll go ahead and set the line at 10 on that and take the over.

Would converting to center help Shaq Mason in his pro career?

Have a great Tuesday!