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Mailbag 3/3

What color is that dress?

I'm pretty sure he thinks that Tech is one of the best coaching jobs in the ACC.
I'm pretty sure he thinks that Tech is one of the best coaching jobs in the ACC.
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Honestly, I see blue and black. But my heart forever bleeds white and gold.

Is it football season yet?

Unfortunately not. In the meantime though, you can enjoy some Beesball! They're playing pretty well right now in spite of some poor pitching performances. You can listen to every game on WREK 91.1 FM and find the schedule here.

Barring a string of disastrous seasons, is CPJ our coach until he retires?

Those are the only two ways I see CPJ leaving Tech. Either they'll fire him after a few bad seasons (looking at how we're doing right now, that's pretty unlikely in my opinion) or he retires. I do think he'll end up retiring with Georgia Tech after the end of his current contract.

Is the coverage of college baseball a chicken and egg matter (college baseball doesn't get covered because nobody cares because it doesn't get covered etc.)? What is the answer to getting more coverage?

I think it's definitely a chicken and egg matter, but there's another part to it: money. College baseball doesn't produce a lot of revenue because the fans don't care about the game. The fans don't care about the game because it doesn't get much coverage. Because it doesn't get much coverage, fans don't care about the game and therefore don't spend money to go to the games.

How do you get more coverage? Something has to change. Fans have to be interested and giving money to the program or you have to give it more coverage. I do my part by making sure Beesball is thoroughly covered throughout the season. That's what I did last year, and this year, I have a lot more help (thanks guys on the staff!).

Does MGH have a chance to make it to the next level?

I think so. Basing a player on how his team performs is a ludicrous idea no matter the sport. Doing that would be like saying that Matt Ryan sucks as a quarterback because the Falcons won six games last year and and four the previous year.

I don't know about you, but I know that Matt Ryan is a far better quarterback than his record indicates. The thing about team sports is that it isn't just a one-person team, it is a team of (in basketball's case) five guys on the court plus a few guys you can cycle in.

How good is CJ Leggett?

That's an excellent question. Honestly, I have no idea. I do know that, like you said, CPJ thought he was good enough that he nearly pulled his redshirt this season. Had Leggett not gotten hurt, though, I fully believe he would have played. Thankfully Synjyn Days got the job done just fine.

As for how he'll look this season, I think he has the potential to be a very good b-back. He's got good speed but is still a pretty physical runner. If I had to pick a former Tech b-back for a comparison, I'd probably go with a shorter Anthony Allen, so take that for what it's worth. I don't think he's quite on par with Jonathan Dwyer, but he'll still be a good back.

Where in the ACC do you rank the Tech job?

In that list, which you can find here, Tech gets ranked behind everybody you'd expect them to: Florida State, Clemson, Louisville, Miami, VPI and UNC.

If I were doing the rankings, I'd put Tech fourth and drop Miami, VPI and UNC. My main reasoning for doing this if expectancy to win versus recent results.

Miami, VPI and UNC all have a lot of talent on their roster, which is not only evident by their recruiting classes, but how they're doing in the NFL. The problem is the coaching.

As a coach, if I go to one of those three schools who have talent, but can't seem to pull it together, I'm going to feel forced to finally bring all that talent together with the fear that I will lose my job if I don't. I understand that that is the job of any coach, but I think it should be more emphasized with the expectancy to win at those three programs.

Every man has his vice. What's yours?

Probably my coffee addiction. I'll down five or six cups a day and not even blink funny.

What's your dream job?

I'm not really too sure of this yet. If I stay in journalism, I'd be happy working for a small newspaper or a big sports corporation (a la ESPN). One of my back-up plans is teaching English. If I end up doing that, I would want it to be at the college level because high schoolers don't talk enough and I would teach with a discussion/writing-based style.

Does Tech culture come off better in these areas because we are comparing her to her neighboring institutions in the South or does Tech compare well nationally in these areas as well?

I'm honestly one of the worst people to talk to about this subject. I really don't know a whole lot about the culture regarding all of the subjects you mentioned, but I'm sure it could make for an interesting blog/discussion on a political site.

Thanks for submitting questions!