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Technical Tidbits 3/25

In which Micheal Summers emerges from the shadows.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Former Georgia Tech star and current Charlotte Hornets assistant Mark Price has reportedly been offered the head coaching job at UNC-Charlotte. Price, who was a fan-favorite to succeed Brian Gregory had the AD decided to release him at the end of the season, has served as an NBA assistant since breaking into the coaching world with the Denver Nuggets back in 2007. His college coaching record is largely unwritten -- he spent just one season as a college assistant at Georgia Tech -- so it will be interesting to see how he performs with his own program. If Price were to take the job, it would provide a great career stepping stone to get him to his next gig, perhaps even at his Alma mater some time down the line.

For former Georgia Tech center Demarco Cox, an offer to play in the NFL was just too much to pass up. Despite never playing a down of college football, Cox was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Colts last week as a result of what was a very fast free agent experience -- he was first contacted by the team on Wednesday and signed on Thursday. If he were to make the opening day roster, Cox would be the third player with the Colts to never play college football, joining offensive lineman Joe Reitz and tight end Erik Swoope as former hardwood ballers on the Colts. Cox played one season of basketball for Tech after transferring from Ole Miss.

Georgia Tech wide receiver Micheal Summers, a longtime contributor to the football team, is being challenged and asked to step up as both a leader and playmaker during spring training. Summers, a redshirt junior out of Statesboro, has struggled to make his impact felt in the passing game during his Georgia Tech career so far, falling behind both Darren Waller and DeAndre Smelter on the depth chart for the past few seasons. While his stats may not exude brilliance at this point, his talent is more than recognizable -- expect to see Micheal Summers' name appear more and more often as the season approaches.

For the first time in recent history, Georgia Tech has opened up spring training as the favorite to win the ACC Coastal. This is hardly a surprise given the success that Tech experienced during its 11-3 season in 2014, but it's always strange to receive praise from the national media with no attempt being made to discredit the team. The third questions that the author raises is by far the most pertinent -- the Jackets were able to attain as much success as they did in 2014 in large part because of their underdog status in many big games. They will have to continue playing with a chip on their shoulder if 2015 is to be as fruitful as 2014 was.

How important is maintaining an underdog mentality and playing with a chip of their shoulder for Georgia Tech?

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