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2014 Georgia Tech Football Wrap-Up: Defensive MVP - CB D.J. White

This year's defensive MVP is a guy who ended this year's rendition of Clean Old-Fashioned Hate (and that's a big reason he won this).

And to think, this isn't in my highlight reel for him
And to think, this isn't in my highlight reel for him
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

So, perhaps y'all remember this play from earlier this season. It was a pretty solid play. I remember being in a sea of uga fans right next to the Tech band and going absolutely crazy when this happened. It was crazy! It's also a large reason why D.J. White is our 2014 Defensive MVP.

Since having a break-out game against Ole Miss in the Music City Bowl last season, White has been our No. 1 corner and one of the best players on this defense.

In his junior season, he only elevated his level of play.

His first really big game came in the week four win against Virginia Tech. I think that's another one y'all will remember too. In addition to the 10 tackles he had, he also did this (go to 2:17).

That interception allowed for Tech to get the ball back and for Harrison Butker to perform the very next play in that highlight reel. What's great about this play in particular is that the intended target was not the guy he was supposed to be covering; he was just reading Michael Brewer like a book.

The good thing about White? He performed clutch plays like that the whole season.

I'm sure you all fondly remember the game against Pitt this season. This play from D.J. White came pretty early in that game, and it was just a great one, so just sit back and enjoy it.

Not only did he chase James Conner down and force the fumble, he out ran everybody on Tech's defense with ease. Very impressive.

His next clutch play came against NC State. Jacoby Brissett had just thrown an interception to Quayshawn Nealy off the foot of Chris Milton, which he then fumbled and NC State recovered. I'll let you see what happened next (go to 1:17).

Again, White reads the eyes of Brissett and cuts off the route, this time en route to a pick-six. Next up was Clemson, which was just a great all-around game (check out 1:40).

Again, he's reading the quarterback and just dives up and backward to make the pick. I think it's very clear D.J. White was as clutch as could be for a very opportunistic defense this season and is deserving of this year's defensive MVP. So I'll leave you with the same play I started with, simply because it's hard not to watch it.

Who's your defensive MVP?