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Technical Tidbits 3/11

In which Dak Prescott brings out the stupid in a few Floridians.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College topped Georgia Tech by a final score of 66-65 on Tuesday in the ACC Tournament, officially punching Tech's ticket into what should be a long offseason. The Jackets led by as many as six points with just over 90 seconds remaining but found a way to let Olivier Hanlan beat them yet again -- he would hit two jumpers in that time. Hanlan finished with 25 points, bringing his total in points scored against the Jackets in tournament games alone over the last three seasons to 82 -- an average of 27.3 per game. The loss also marks the end of the collegiate careers of Robert Sampson, Demarco Cox, and Aaron Peek for the Jackets, all of whom are seniors. It also likely signals the end of the Brian Gregory era on the Flats.

For all of the uniform experts out there, CBS Sports just began a college football helmet tournament, featuring 64 of the best helmets in all of college football. Georgia Tech's honeycomb helmet debuted as a #12 seed against the #5 seeded TCU helmets in a matchup that I doubt will end well for us. If you aren't interested in voting, it still may be worth your time to take a look just to see some of the unique uniforms that I didn't even know were out there. It will be interesting to see which helmet is the helmet-est in a few weeks.

ESPN recently released its list of 10 bold predictions for the upcoming ACC season, and Georgia Tech starting the season off as the preseason Coastal No. 1 checked in at 8th. I can see this happening for sure, but it really isn't something that I want to see happen; it is much more fun to laugh at the national media when they constantly underrate us and even more fun to make fun of UNC every year. As for the other predictions, I can get behind all but No. 10 simply because I don't care. It was newsworthy that Steve Spurrier got on twitter because he is an interesting person, but I'll follow the official account of the Rhode Island Parks and Recreation Department before I'll follow Dabo.

Someone much braver than myself recently jumped Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott while he was on vacation in Florida. The attack, which seems totally unprovoked, left the Heisman hopeful with cuts all over his face and torso from a bottle but still in good condition. If the incident was actually unprovoked, I would like to recommend that the assailants be admitted to a mental ward immediately because anyone who randomly attacks a 6'-2", 230-lb man who breaks people for a living is a risk to their own health. Then again, thinking is probably not the attacker's strong suit since he immediately took to twitter following the encounter to brag.

What bold predictions do you have for the ACC football season?

Have a great Wednesday!