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Technical Tidbits 2/6

In which we honor the "Lethal Weapon 3".

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Former Georgia Tech player Ricardo Wimbush, who was arrested almost eight months ago after he and his wife locked their oldest son in a small basement room for almost a year, has been granted permission to receive letters from his 10 children, all of whom are currently in foster care. Wimbush, a former team captain on the football team, is currently facing charges of malicious child cruelty along with his wife for the isolation of his son. The main reason that the parents and children had not been allowed to communicate prior to this ruling was that, as the article implies, there was a fear that the kids would have a form of "Stockholm syndrome" stemming from their loyalty to their parents. That in itself seems to be a perfectly legitimate reason to at least limit communication.

This Saturday's game against Wake Forest will represent much more than an opportunity to pick up a second ACC win of the season -- Georgia Tech will be using the game as a medium to honor the "Lethal Weapon 3" on what will be the 25th anniversary of their magnificent tournament run. Under head coach Bobby Cremins, the phenomenal trio of Dennis Scott, Kenny Anderson, and Brian Oliver combined to score an amazing 78% of Tech's points on the season as they advanced all the way to the late rounds of what was a heartbreaking but still fantastic season for Tech fans.

Georgia Tech managed to crack the SB Nation list of 20 college football teams which recruited better than usual, a fitting honor (or maybe recognition would be a better term) for what was a great cycle. The only thing that I have a real problem with in the sentence or two that they wrote about Tech is that they call the Orange Bowl win over Mississippi State the reason for the strength of this class, which isn't particularly true because it was so full even before the Orange Bowl. If there is any one thing that we can call a reason for the recruiting spike, it has to be the overall sense of community of the program and the hard work of the staff. Saying that this year's class is above average because of one win is vastly oversimplifying things.

I'll leave you today with a video of The Kick and The Pick just to remind you of who runs this state for at least a few more months. Does anyone know how to make the Gaudin call on The Pick into my ringtone...?

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What makes this recruiting class so special?

Have a great weekend!