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Technical Tidbits 2/5

In which Jeff Schultz backs me up.

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

I am very persistent in saying that recruiting rankings don't matter at all, especially within out offense and system, and now I finally have some support from the outside -- the AJC's Jeff Schultz shares in my disdain for recruiting ranks and sees the 2014 Yellow Jackets as a prime example of how useless they are. Georgia Tech's current signing class (we got all 27 yesterday!) includes nothing but three star players across the board and still figures to be by far the best of the Paul Johnson era simply because we can now trust in our coaching staff's player development and talent recognition. They've proven over and over again that they know what they're looking at with a recruit, and in doing so have rendered rankings totally obsolete. Paul Johnson doesn't go home and browse the ESPN 300 looking for recruits because he can trust the evaluations made by his staff as much if not more than those of a major company.

Current WWE star and former Georgia Tech defensive lineman Joe Anoa'i/Roman Reigns recently sat down to relive his glory days as a football player, back when he first committed to play football for the Jackets. He hints at the stress and pressure that is put on the students who are committing -- most of whom are only 17 or so at the time of their commitment (unless we are talking about BYU, in which case they are about 36). When he was asked which sport was more physically demanding between football and wrestling, I assumed that it would be a no-brainer in favor of football. After all, you can't script football. The most energy that WWE wrestlers exert is when they memorize their lines.

Just in case you missed the FTRS Nation Signing Day coverage yesterday, take a look at this quick article about Tech's 27-man recruiting class, which just so happens to be the biggest of the Paul Johnson era. If you had told me six months ago that we would sign a 27-man class and only lose one player to attrition, I probably would've recommended you for immediate medical attention and/or institutionalization, but the recruiting staff has done a phenomenal job. I can't wait to see what this group can do on the field.

Following the events of NSD yesterday, Nick Saban's Alabama Crimson Tide came out on top with the number one recruiting class for yet another season. This extended their streak to five straight seasons with the No. 1 overall class, which makes what they've done these last few seasons seem like underachieving even though they have been borderline amazing for almost half a decade. It is also worth noting that Saban over-signed yet again -- he had to request that a player grayshirt after signing a full scholarship offer.

Did Jeff Schultz change your opinion on recruiting rankings?

Have a great Thursday!