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Technical Tidbits 2/4

In which we lie to ourselves.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Bobby Cremins, the most successful basketball coach in Georgia Tech history, has been selected as one of thirteen former players and coaches who will be part of the new class of ACC Legends. Cremins guided the Tech basketball team through one its most prosperous times in school history, compiling 10 NCAA Tournament appearances and four NIT berths during his 19-year Tech career. His final record as head coach at Tech, including a whopping 354 wins, makes him the winningest coach in Georgia Tech history and a very deserving candidate for the ACC Legends Class.

The Tech basketball team will be making the trip up to Durham tonight for what should be an interesting game against the No. 4 Duke Blue Devils. Duke has lost just three games all season, and Tech happens to be 1-3 against the three teams (Miami, NC State, and Notre Dame) which have toppled Coach K's team. This is hardly encouraging until you recall that the Jackets blew out Miami by 20, lost on a three point buzzer-beater to NC State, and took Notre Dame to double overtime during the first meeting -- Tech has played the teams which have taken down the Devils extremely close. Hopefully they can find a way to pull off an upset and keep NIT bid hopes somewhat alive.

With National Signing Day officially upon us, it only makes sense to go back and relive some of the wildest moments from the pseudo-holiday of the past few seasons. There are some pretty crazy stories in there, but I don't think that you can top the first one about Kevin Hart, the Nevada offensive lineman who gave himself scholarship offers from Cal and Oregon before eventually committing to the Golden Bears. There must be something about people named Kevin Hart that makes them feel more important than they actually are. Some Kevin Harts commit to colleges that don't want to see them and others appear in movies that no one wants to see. Are you noticing a trend?

Sticking with out National Signing Day trend, take a look at this list of 25 lies that you will tell yourself on NSD. As a Georgia Tech fan, I basically wake up every morning and go down this list in my head, checking off each lie as I persuade myself that it is actually true. It's just a coping mechanism for people like me who can't drink.

What wild NSD stories can you remember?

Have a great Wednesday!