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Mailbag 2/24

In which we talk TV and movies.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Any recommendations for Joey and me as "Justified" is in its last year?

I'm not sure I'm the person to go to for this question. I don't normally get home until 10 on Tuesday nights and because I started watching the Flash, I typically record and watch it Tuesday night at 10.

What is the huge, big, shocking news that is going to break the sports world? And why is it going to catch everyone off guard?

I'm not psychic, so I don't know what's coming up, but I saw this on Twitter and it definitely caught me off guard.

I saw that and two things came to mind. First, I was so excited I almost shouted in joy, but then I was like wait, what? did they really just cut him? I clicked on the article itself and found out that BJ just decided that he wanted to go by Melvin Upton, Jr. I say more power to him, but it's mean to tease people with headlines like that.

Is being left out of the NFL combine critical blow to Shaq Mason's draft prospects? And, how can such an omission happen?

What I've heard regarding this whole situation is pure speculation, so take it all with a grain of salt. This is not necessarily fact, just rumors.

I have heard that the reason for Mason being left out of the combine was because certain teams were trying to hide him from the public spotlight, so they could keep him a secret from the rest of the NFL.

If that is indeed the case, than I would say that that is more of a compliment to Mason than anything. Some team out there knows how good Mason is and doesn't want anyone else to see how good he is. It sure makes things a whole lot more interesting.

Which Jackets other than Waller and Smelter have a shot at being drafted and where do you think they'll go?

I think we have a few guys that have a shot of getting drafted, or at the very least, they should be UDFAs. The obvious choice here is Shaq Mason. If the rumors that I talked about in the previous question are true, then I could see him going as early as the fourth, but probably going in the fifth or sixth.

Everybody else that could get drafted would be seventh rounders or UDFAs. Guys that I think will get a look are Quayshawn Nealy, Isaiah Johnson and Synjyn Days. I could see Zach Laskey and some of the rest of the seniors get a look, but I think those three stand the best chance at making a roster.

Which movie (new or old) best represents Tech's basketball performance this year?

I thought I would have a tough time with this question, but then it hit me. Tech has been so bad at basketball this year that we can't help but laugh. That made me think of one movie: Sharknado, a movie so bad that it was funny.

I'd be curious to see what the rest of y'all have to say about this.

From Twitter: Are glass tumblers a good giveaway for students? If not, then what is your suggestion to Tech for a giveaway?

Honestly, I didn't even know they made glass tumblers. I thought they were all plastic. That being said, college students like to bring stuff with them to drink and virtually everything tastes better when drunk out of a glass container, so I would say that this is a good giveaway.

Are there better ideas for college students? Sure, though it couldn't possibly be as bad as the Hawks' Tinder night.

How many times can the basketball team snatch defeat from the jaws of victory this season?

Tech has a basketball team? Who knew?

All seriousness, though, I completely agree. This has gotten ridiculous. We come so close in what feels like every game and then we just can't finish (make whatever jokes you want, but there wasn't a better way to word that).

I'm not sure if it's a coaching issue or an endurance issue, but they need to figure that out before next season and take appropriate actions.