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Technical Tidbits 2/20

In which Thad Young heads east.

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Just days after it was announced that guard Chris Bolden had been suspended indefinitely from the Georgia Tech program, head coach Brian Gregory has come forward and announced that Bolden's suspension will be for six games. The suspension (which began when Bolden sat out the win over Clemson) will last through the end of the regular season and into the opening round of the ACC Championship. By the time Bolden has served it in its totality, he will have sat out nine games over three seasons with the Jackets. Tech is 4-0 in previous games with the sharpshooter suspended, including victories over Clemson and Georgia.

Georgia Tech released the special events which will take place at each football home game this season yesterday, headlined by a whiteout game against Florida State and a salute to the 1990 championship team against Virginia Tech. I was expecting the whiteout to be during the Thursday night game versus the Hokies, but I can't say that I'm disappointed by the decision to have it against the Noles; Tech fans will be excited and hungry for revenge.  As for the salute to the 1990 team, it couldn't come against a better opponent. The irony of celebrating a national title while playing against a bitter rival which currently has a big, giant donut in that category will be beyond sweet.

Yesterday marked perhaps the most active NBA trade deadline in history -- 11 swaps were completed in one day, 8 of which came within the final hour before the deadline. One of the players who will make the journey to a new city following the events of yesterday will be former Yellow Jacket Thad Young, who was dealt by the Timberwolves for the aging and shiny-headed Kevin Garnett. Young's new home will be in Brooklyn, where he will play alongside fellow Tech alumnus Jarrett Jack on what promises to be a trainwreck of a Nets team. The good news, however, is that the Hawks have the ability to swap picks with Brooklyn (via the Joe Johnson trade which keeps on giving), so #TankForAtlanta will be in full effect from this moment forward.

Two of Georgia Tech bitterest rivals, UNC and Georgia, will face off in the 2016 Chick-fil-A kickoff game at the Georgia Dome. This will pit two of the biggest choking hazards in all of college football against each other in what I hope will be an awful, boring game which will set the table nicely for Tech's 2017 showdown with Tennessee in the same venue. Get ready to see the preseason SEC and ACC Champions face off for one of their six wins under the lights of the Dome!

Do you like Tech's events which have been scheduled for the football home games?

Have a great weekend!