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How Paul Johnson would have called Seattle's goal line play

Seattle's throw to Ricardo Lockette on the goal line while down by four with 26 seconds left will go down as one of the most controversial play calls in football history. Here at FTRS, we know things would have gone differently had CPJ been at the helm.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

(Alternate universe where former Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson is the boss in Seattle because Paul Allen smoked a joint and found the triple option "aesthetically pleasing" (not to mention Johnson was 19-7 in two seasons at Midtown).

Georgia Tech, being left to hire Al Groh, plummets into a constant 6-6 rut and still hasn't won anything more prestigious than the Independence Bowl.

Pete Carroll instead takes the Washington job, where he is forced to draft RGIII and mans the front office doors with a leaf blower to keep Griffin's father away.

Fast forward to February 2nd, 2015 where the Seahawks have the ball on the one-yard line with 26 seconds left in the fourth quarter, down by four to the New England Patriots. Here's the conversation for the ensuing play call...)

(Johnson turns to quarterbacks/B-Backs coach Darrell Bevell): "Alright Bevell, we have Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson, two of the best running threats in the league and we're on the one. We have one of the best overall tackles in the league in Russell Okung and centers in Max Unger. What do you think the call should be?"

(Bevell turns head,crinkles forehead): "Well, considering the way you laid out the situation, I say we throw a sl-"

(Johnson slaps Bevell across the head, snaps fingers and has three armed guards escort Bevell out of the stadium)

(Johnson grabs Tom Cable and brings him in reeaal close): "Alright Tom, let's try again. What do we do in this situation?"

(Cable wipes his meaty forehead, looks around and says)/: "Uh, we have one of the best running games in the league. It seems obvious, too obvious as to what we'd do. So I say we catch them off guard with a pass do-"

(Johnson presses button on belt clip, opens up trap door beneath Cable plunging him into a pit of darkness)

(Johnson then grabs Carl Smith by the throat, gripping him so close they're breathing on each other): ONE MORE TIME CAARRRL. WHAT DO WE DO HERE?"


(Johnson tosses Smith aside, smiling as Lynch burrows himself into a goal line pile to score the winning touchdown. Johnson is then carried off the field on the shoulders of his players, cementing the known fact that the triple option is the best offense known to football.)