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Technical Tidbits 2/18

In which Kel Johnson brings home player of the week honors.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Following his college debut in the Atlanta Challenge against St. John's and Fordham, Georgia Tech freshman Kel Johnson has been named ACC player of the week. Johnson, who went 8-for-14 with three doubles and two home runs in two games, looked like a man among boys all weekend against a couple of teams in SJU and Fordham which were projected to have a lot of success in 2015. This is the second straight season that Georgia Tech has had a freshman named player of the week -- shortstop Connor Justus did it last season -- and is a great indicator of how bright the future is with out current core of players. Congratulations to Kel!

Georgia Tech's basketball team managed a rare win on Monday night when they defeated the Clemson Tigers in Atlanta by a final score of 63-52. It was a great all-around performance by the Jackets, who were without shooting guard Chris Bolden. Head coach Brian Gregory would later reveal that Bolden had been suspended (his second suspension in as many years) for "not adhering to the standards of our program". Don't hold me to this, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if Bolden has played his final game as a Jacket; Brian Gregory has shown in the past with his dismissal of Solomon Poole that his tolerance level for guys who can't follow the rules is slim to none.

As for the game itself, the Jackets played as well as they have in any game all season long. Guided by solid performances from Robert Sampson and Demarco Cox, Tech was able to snap a 10-game losing streak against the Tigers while simultaneously squandering Clemson's NCAA Tournament hopes. Tech improves to 12-14 (3-11 ACC) on the season and will take take the court next at the Dean Smith Center to take on the No. 18 North Carolina Tar Heels on Saturday.

Rivals recently updated their database of football prospects to include some promising athletes from the high school class of... 2021? If you aren't up for doing the math, that means that Rivals is now featuring current sixth graders in their database, which just seems unnecessary. I can't imagine that you can grade a sixth grader accurately simply because they are just 11 or 12 years old, but I could be totally wrong. The people in the comments section of that post share in my sentiment, but they did so in a hilarious way that you should totally check out.

What does the suspension of Chris Bolden mean? Will he be back on the Flats any time soon?

Have a great Wednesday!