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Georgia Tech Recruiting: Meet the Recruits - AB Omahri Jarrett

Our "Meet the Recruits" series continues with a talented, versatile ball carrier from the Yellow Jackets' back yard.

Georgia Tech Athletics

Omahri Jarrett became the fourth commitment in Georgia Tech's 2015 class back in early June of 2014, joining Will Bryan, AJ Gray, and Jaylend Ratliffe in a strong start to the class. He was one of a large number of recruits in the class who committed before the start of his senior season and held true to his commitment.

As a Recruit

Jarrett committed to Georgia Tech as an A-Back from New Manchester High School in Douglasville, GA -- just west of the Flats. He committed over offers from a number of mid-level FBS programs (such as Georgia Southern and Northern Illinois), but received significantly more interest from Power-5 programs as Signing Day drew nearer. That said, he never wavered on his commitment and remained excited to become a Yellow Jacket. Jarrett is listed at 5'10", 170 lbs, and was rated a 3-star prospect by Rivals (5.6) and by the 247Sports Composite (.8302).


Jarrett's film displays, above all else, versatility -- perhaps more so than anyone else's film shows in this class. Jarrett is shown succeeding in a wide variety of roles, including taking handoffs and pitches, catching short-range passes, catching passes down the field, returning kicks and punts -- generally doing it all for his team. Another tendency that becomes apparent is that Jarrett is, at least in his running style, what's referred to as a one-cut back. He doesn't spend a lot of time trying to juke defenders -- he gets the ball (however that is), finds a seam, and hits it. Jarrett gets vertical extremely quickly on most of the plays seen above, and shows solid vision to find those seams -- a great skill for an A-Back, and one that the likes of Orwin Smith and Robert Godhigh mastered. Jarrett's versatility and play style make him a perfect match for the A-Back role, and his athleticism only furthers that. He displays good speed to compliment his vision and ball skills, making him very dangerous in the A-Back role.

The area that I see to be in need of improvement, based on the film above, is Jarrett's decision-making, particularly in reference to his kick and punt returning. There were a number of occasions where he made a great play, although it happened off of a kick he probably should have let go. That playmaking ability is a huge plus for him, but at this level of football the margin of error can be pretty slim between a great play and a complete disaster. If he's to be returning kicks, there will probably be some coaching involved on which kicks to run back, which to fair catch, and which to let go altogether.

What to Expect

Jarrett enters at a time when the A-Back cupboard is freshly thinned after the departure of BJ Bostic, Tony Zenon, Deon Hill, and Charles Perkins, and there's a strong chance that at least one of the new recruits will play as a true freshman. That said, which of them plays early is likely to be linked to versatility, at least in this writer's opinion. Jarrett matches Nathan Cottrell in versatility when it comes to kick and punt return abilities and pass-catching abilities, meaning they'll both have a shot to play early without a redshirt year. At the same time, the coaches will be looking to create some class separation, meaning they won't be shy to redshirt most of the incoming A-Back prospects. Whether Jarrett plays will likely come down to his blocking abilities relative to the other prospects in his class. In the coming years, though, look for Jarrett to be a major role-player at A-Back and a potential starter given his skill set and abilities.

Congratulations on your commitment, Omahri! Welcome to the Yellow Jacket family!

Thoughts on Jarrett's film? Does he look like he'll fit in as an A-Back as well as I suspect he will?