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Technical Tidbits 2/10

In which beesball approaches.

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With Georgia Tech baseball just days away from first pitch against St. John's in the Atlanta Challenge, it has been announced that no fewer than 25 Tech baseball games will be broadcast live on either television or via live stream on ESPN3. This is a great number of games for the Jackets and is largely indicative of their status as defending ACC Champions -- the Jackets, if you recall, pulled an upset in the ACC Tournament last season to clinch the conference and a berth in the Oxford Regional. This season has a great slate of games, headlined by a series with powerhouse Virginia and a home-and-home with Auburn. It should be a fun season to watch college baseball from the Rusty C.

Everyone loves to complain about how long sporting events are. Whether it be the length of the average MLB game or the length of the NBA season, everyone has some say in what should happen and I usually don't really care either way. That changes, however, when crazy people start talking about finding ways to shorten college football games. There is flat out no excuse for something this blasphemous. If anything, college football games need to be a six-hour affair -- Paul Johnson's offense already makes Tech games go fast enough. If you seriously want to speed up games, go fire Mike Leach and his air-raid offense. That would save at least an hour from every WSU game.

Continuing with the trend of talking about NLIs and national recruit controversies from yesterday, I bring you this article about why high profile recruits should refuse to sign NLIs. I made it clear yesterday about how I feel in regards to duping kids into signing with a school by lying about the job status of a coach, but this does seem a little bit extreme even for me. I can understand the argument that not signing an NLI helps the recruit keep leverage (because they have exactly zero leverage after they ink the letter), but I don't think it warrants a full-on boycott.

I'll leave you today with the story of Austin Hatch, a Michigan basketball player whose road to the court led him through not one but two potentially fatal plane crashes. The story is amazing, and the fact that this guy continues doing what he loves despite almost having his life end on two separate occasions is equally impressive.

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What do you think about changing the length of football games?

Have a great Tuesday!