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How to Watch Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks: Previews, TV & Radio Listings, Betting Odds, More!

We'll tell you everything you need to know and give you a place to discuss the big game tonight.

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Well guys, it's the big day. The Super Bowl. And even though Georgia Tech has literally no connection with either team (trust me, I checked), we're still going to put up a "How to Watch/Gamethread" post since this is such a big game.


Patriots Previews

Seahawks Previews


6:30 p.m. EST (3:30 local time)


NBC, as usual.


Pretty much every sports-related (and some non-sports-related) radio station is going to have this on.

Odds & Wagers:

All sorts of various odds and wagers can be found right here. New England was a two-point favorite the last time I checked it, but that is subject to change.


It's Arizona. It's going to be sunny and hot.

Super Bowl Recipes:

One of my favorite parts about the Super Bowl is all of the food. Feel free to share any recipes you have down in the comments. I'll go ahead and share mine for my guacamole.

To make my guacamole, first you need to be able to make my pico de gallo. Since I don't really use exact measurements you're just going to have to deal with it.

First of all, you'll need to dice up about two tomatoes (I prefer to use heirloom, but that's just me).

Next, you're going to take a quarter of a sweet onion, dice it up and add it to the bowl. For the sweet onion, you want the pieces to be really small.

Next, you get two green onions. Make sure you cut the roots off and throw it away. With what you have left, chop it up in pretty thin slices and then add it in.

Next you want to take your peppers. Really any kind of peppers will work. I usually use serranos because the jalapenos here are not very hot. You'll want to quarter two peppers and then chop it up and put that in. Leave out the veins and seeds though, unless you just want to add an extra kick. I usually add the seeds from one of the peppers.

Next, you'll want to add one heaping teaspoon of minced garlic.

Finally, you want to take your cilantro (preferably fresh). This is where my measurements go off-kilter. I usually just grab a handful of leaves and pull it out. However much you use, just make sure you take out all of the stems. Chop it up and throw it into the bowl.

Use lime juice, salt and pepper for taste. I've learned that about the lime juice from one whole lime will suffice.

It's usually best to let that sit for a day to get the full flavor out of it, but it's still good if you don't do that.

Now that you've got the pico, it's time to make the guacamole. This isn't too hard at all. You take the inside of the avocado and squeeze it into a bowl. Add a couple scoops of the pico. I like to add a strip of bacon per avocado. And then use lime juice, salt and pepper for taste.

Super Bowl Commercials:

Here's my favorite, just because it's a classic.


What's your favorite?

Enjoy the game!