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Technical Tidbits 12/3

The coaching changes just keep on coming.

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Georgia promptly ended its coaching search just a few days after it began by hiring Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart to become the program's newest head coach. Smart, who won three national titles in nine seasons with the Tide, is obviously a top-flight coordinator but totally unproven as a head coach. That is what makes this choice by UGA extremely puzzling, at least to me. Georgia essentially hired a man who appears for all the world to be a poor man's Will Muschamp. In fact, the only thing that could make this more strange is if Georgia hired the real Will Muschamp to be the defensive coordinator, a real possibility given that Jeremy Pruitt will likely not be retained. Oh well. At least we don't have to face Mark Richt anymore. OH GOD, MARK RICHT DID WHAT?

That's right, the former head man up in Athens will now be heading a bit further south. While I truly wish that "further south" was my way of revealing that Richt will now be doing full-time mission work in Mexico, it sadly means that he has agreed to take over for Al Golden at Miami. As in the same Miami that Georgia Tech plays every single season. Yuck. All moaning aside, this is an interesting matchup of moral values to say the least. Richt is a devoutly religious man with what seem to be extremely strong morals. Miami, on the other hand, once associated with Nevin Shapiro. That just seems like a conflict of interests. Maybe Richt will end up being too nice to succeed in Coral Gables. That's the dream, at least.

Forward Charles Mitchell used yet another career game to propel his Jackets to an impressive 77-61 victory over Wofford on Tuesday night, marking Georgia Tech's fifth win on the young basketball season. In other news, the Jackets already have 42% of last season's win total just seven games into the 2015 season. Three cheers for cupcakes and the SEC! The road only gets tougher from here, however, with upcoming games against VCU, Georgia, Tulane, and a trio of other "easy opponents" before the ACC schedule kicks off.

I'll leave you today with an 11Alive interview with former Georgia Tech commit Jordan Johnson, including some more insight into what exactly happened at the Georgia game. I'm honestly tapped out on this subject. I hope everything gets resolved soon.

Do you think that Miami and Mark Richt are a good fit? What coaching changes are you watching for?