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Technical Tidbits 12/2

Georgia Tech basketball may have lost to Villanova, but they are still winning in the stats!

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Georgia Tech campus police are continuing to investigate the alleged police harassment situation involving former Georgia Tech commit Jordan Johnson, which occurred last Saturday during the Georgia game. The reports surrounding this issue have been anything but consistent, though it now appears that we are getting a clearer picture of what unfolded -- both parties seem to be at fault, at least to some extent. The part of Georgia Tech in the matter was what was previously unknown, but a few accounts are now calling it a "miscommunication regarding credentials and seating" at the game. Anything outside of what has been officially reported is just speculation at this point.

It is hard to say where most reasonable viewers expected Georgia Tech's basketball record to stand just six games into the 2015 season, but I'd make the argument the argument that the team's 4-2 mark is nothing to sneeze at. One reason for the season's unforeseen success to this point has undoubtedly been the play of forward Charles Mitchell, whose contributions across the board have made success much easier to come by in 2015 as opposed to last season. Mitchell, who transferred to Georgia Tech last season in what felt like a response to Robert Carter's transfer to Maryland, has been exceptional as both a scorer and rebounder all year long. If Tech is able to succeed in conference play or even postseason play, it will be in large part thanks to him. Charles Mitchell is an asset who I really wish had another year of eligibility. Work on that, NCAA folks.

The basketball team may have come up short in the end during the short trip up to Brooklyn after an NIT Tipoff loss to Villanova, but head coach Gregory still sees some profound positives from the trip. I'll be the first to tell you that there's absolutely no shame in losing to the No. 8 team in the country, especially when you battle back in the second half as Tech did, so the outcome of that game is less than concerning to me. What I choose to focus on instead is what Gregory and others see: clear improvement across most aspects of the team over last year. That's not enough to truly raise expectations at this junction, but it is certainly something.

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney surprised no one yesterday when he was named ACC coach of the year following a perfect 12-0 regular season by his Tigers. In fact, the only coach with any business in the discussion besides Swinney is the man who will match up against him this weekend in Charlotte: North Carolina head coach Larry Fedora. Fedora, in his most successful season with UNC, has led the Heels to an amazing 11-1 record and ACC Coastal championship. Have the Heels really played anyone? No, not really. But going 11-1 still carries enough merit to at least warrant some consideration. Swinney's 12-0 trumps 11-1, however, and that clearly showed in the voting.

Who is your ACC Coach of the Year? Did the voters get it right with Dabo Swinney?