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Technical Tidbits 12/18

Everyone is the best (and worst) at something! Come find out what the Jackets were good (and bad) at during the 2015 season.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The end of football season may have brought forth a sigh of relief from many fans, but the team itself likely sees the offseason in a much different light -- the Jackets have been working out nonstop since week following the Georgia game. It goes without saying that the team would rather be training for a bowl game than the 2016 season -- which kicks off in just under 10 months -- but working out so early and often is still a testament to the team's dedication. They may not have experienced the on-field success of the 2014 team, but there's no doubting this team's character. They fought through every game and are still continuing to fight during this, the toughest part of the offseason. Better days are certainly ahead.

With final exams and a big game against VCU now in the rear-view mirror, the Georgia Tech basketball team has a great opportunity to take a long winning streak into conference play. The Jackets, winners of three straight and owners of 7-2 overall record, will head up to Athens for a rivalry tilt with Georgia before kicking off a three-game home stand against Southeastern Louisiana, Colgate, and Due Duqe Duquen DuquesneDuquesne. There we go. None of those four games represent easy victories for the Jackets -- East Tennessee State will tell you that -- but a seven-game streak heading into ACC play against North Carolina would bring some great momentum for the team.

Every single team in the nation has positives and negatives. Some have more negatives than others and the record usually indicates that, but this article from proves that every single team in the country led the nation in something. The Jackets led the country in terms of rushing touchdowns scored in a game, a total achieved during one of the first two games versus Alcorn State or Tulane. On the contrary, the Jackets are the worst team in the country in terms of completion percentage. That, to me, is a yikes-inducing statistic; many of the other "last place" stats for other teams were just arbitrary stats. Completion percentage, on the other hand, is a big statistic, and one that Tech was ranked dead last in.

There are some high-powered offenses in the ACC across all sports, but some of the conference's basketball teams truly stand above all the others in the points category. These teams -- Duke, Virginia, Notre Dame, North Carolina, and Miami -- have all but revolutionized scoring in college basketball. Part of that is undoubtedly from the shortening of the college shot clock, but there is also something to be said for the other factors contributing to the teams' scoring surges; the article does a great job of explaining some of them. Georgia Tech, in terms of offense, is one of the most improved teams in the nation. The Jackets finished last season ranked 276th in points per game at just 66.7 but have surged to 60th this year, averaging 80.6 per contest.

What do you make of Tech's finishing last in the country in terms of completion percentage last year?