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Technical Tidbits 12/16

In which Georgia Tech basketball adds another resume win.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

How can you tell that the 2015 football season was one of the roughest in recent history? The simplest way is by checking your email; Georgia Tech athletic director Mike Bobinski and head coach Paul Johnson recently penned an apologetic letter to season ticket holders expressing their appreciation for the fans' loyalty in these tough times. Though the word "sorry" was not explicitly stated, it's hard to argue that there wasn't at least an undertone of apology to the letter -- it references the "ups and downs" of the season and is largely a rallying cry to keep season ticket holders on board. I personally think it was a fine idea, though that is apparently not a consensus as some people have interpreted it as desperate or otherwise weak. Don't worry, Paul. Your altruistic nature is not lost on me.

Georgia Tech basketball improved to 7-2 on the season last night following an impressive 77-64 victory over the VCU Rams in Atlanta. Though the Rams are not the power they have been in recent years, a win versus a name brand like VCU (relative to college basketball, at least) is something to celebrate. It is, by all means, a resume win for the Jackets as the non-conference schedule begins to wind down. The Jackets will hit the court again on Saturday for the basketball edition of Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate against rival Georgia in Athens. Head coach Brian Gregory has never lost to UGA in his previous four seasons on The Flats.

Five-star quarterback Jacob Eason, a long-time UGA recruit, made a discouraging decision yesterday when he announced that he would still play out his college career in Athens despite the firing of coach Mark Richt. Eason, the top quarterback recruit in the nation, began strongly considering Florida following Richt's firing but finally decided to stay committed to Georgia. It has been a fun little era of quarterback controversies at Georgia, but those days appear over if Eason ends up being as good as advertised. There is always the possibility that he won't be successful at all, but I'd say that he's probably an upgrade over the likes of Hutson Mason and Greyson Lambert anyway. Maybe that's even a good thing for Tech -- the Jackets lost to both Lambert and Mason in recent years.

Today is Wednesday and that is as good a day as any to antagonize Alabama. The most recent non-issue stemming from Tuscaloosa is the announcement that the city taxpayers actually foot the $500 thousand bill for policing the Tide home games every year. I'm confident that anyone who has been to Tuscaloosa -- and certainly anyone who has gone to a Tide home game -- can vouch that no price is too high for police presence. When there are 101,000 drunk people in an enclosed area... It's just a necessity.

What are your takeaways from Georgia Tech's win over VCU?