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Technical Tidbits 12/1

A trio of Jackets received All-ACC honors over the weekend.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The All-ACC selections were announced yesterday with the first through third teams being completely devoid of any Yellow Jackets. There's really no room to complain about Tech athletes being snubbed considering the extent of the team's injuries and the general struggles by many Jackets, but I will say that I think Jamal Golden and/or D.J. White belong somewhere on the list. Among those players who did receive some recognition were seniors Adam Gotsis, Bryan Chamberlain, and Trey Braun, all of whom took home honorable mention awards for their efforts.

If the forgettable 2015 football season had any silver lining at all, it was the emergence of A-Back Clinton Lynch. The redshirt freshman came out of nowhere during the season, taking advantage of injuries to those who previously trumped him on the depth chart and quickly becoming one of Tech's most productive offensive players. I was expecting Lynch to play a role of some sort during the season -- mainly as a Dennis Andrews-esque blocking A-Back -- but the fantastic job of both rushing and receiving that he ended up doing was a welcome surprise. I can't wait to see what the next three seasons hold for Lynch as the offense around him grows, matures, and heals.

The sudden decommitment of long-time Georgia Tech recruit Jordan Johnson over the weekend provided more than enough distraction from that aforementioned ugly football season -- Johnson decommitted after alleging racial profiling by a GTPD officer. That story has since fallen apart with numerous eye witnesses and other sources confirming that Johnson and his family were in the wrong and that Johnson actually had his scholarship pulled prior to the announcement, but it is still unfortunate that the talented player won't be calling The Flats home any time soon. It is still a confusing situation and not nearly resolved yet, it doesn't look great for anyone so far.

Bowl games mean just about nothing in college football, unless of course you aren't in one. That is the case with Georgia Tech this season, but a few other teams which underachieved during the regular season will get to extend their season for one more game nonetheless. These teams which finished the year 5-7, including Nebraska among others, will get to play in a bowl despite not winning the required six games just because there aren't enough teams to fill the existing slots. That should honestly be a wakeup call to the NCAA. It may be time to cap the number of bowl games.

Did you see any notable snubs in the All-ACC team?