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Technical Tidbits 11/6

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Injuries are rough and Georgia Tech has had a lot of them.

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The absurd amount of injuries which have befallen numerous Tech players has been well-documented, but just how hard the injuries have hit Tech is nothing short of amazing. The AJC's Ken Sugiura estimates that 63 games have been lost to injuries by 10 starters who have missed time at one point or another. Stats on injuries like that are not kept for other teams as far as I know, but it would be very interesting to compare that figure to the injury numbers of other teams. At any rate, it is easy to see why the team is 3-6 when 10 of 22 starters have missed time at one point or another. We just have to chalk it up to a freaky stat and hope for better in the future.

This week is Georgia Tech's bye week, the first of the entire season for the Jackets. It really couldn't have come at a better time for Tech -- the aforementioned rash of injuries combined with obvious discombobulation all over the place has made success hard to come by all season long. I honestly can't remember a time where a team has needed a bye more than Tech does this season. The Jackets are reeling after a 2-0 start, going 1-6 over their last seven games while sporadically struggling on both sides of the ball. Another interesting statistic from the above article is that Paul Johnson will soon be the most tenured coach in the ACC following Frank Beamer's retirement. Congratulations to Paul Johnson for almost a decade of service.

We may be struggling to make the best of a dreary season here in Atlanta, but the UGA faithful up in Athens are the ones who are really seeing their program explode in flames. Amid the controversy of whether or not Mark Richt should remain the head man at UGA there are about a thousand other things going wrong at the school to the east. Starting quarterback Faton Bauta, who struggled in his first career start last week, is now playing safety for the scout team. Rumors are flying that defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt is heading to Miami to take over for Al Golden. Two players were arrested on drug charges. Everything is just exploding. I actually almost feel... bad. But not really.

I'll leave you today with Clemson coach Dabo Swinney, who recently promised all 80,000 people who fill Memorial Stadium every week some free pizza if Clemson makes the playoff. Dabo is growing on me. This is in stark contrast to a promise made by Alabama's Nick Saban, who recently guaranteed every fan of the Crimson Tide a soul of a young child from his collection if his team makes the playoff.

Where would the Jackets be at this point in the season if the injury bug had been a bit more merciful?