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Technical Tidbits 11/4

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Georgia Tech has lost to two top five teams this season. BUT LET'S *TOTALLY* FIRE PAUL JOHNSON ANYWAY!

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The sheer amount of coaching turnover in the ACC Coastal this season is having just as strong an impact on Georgia Tech as it is the rest of the country, writes Ken Sugiura. The fact that the Coastal division already has two head coaching vacancies at Miami and Virginia Tech with the potential to add another if Virginia chooses to move on should mean something big to you as a Tech fan: this is not the season to move on from Paul Johnson. There is just no argument about that. Not only would firing Johnson effectively waste a year of Justin Thomas, but the odds of finding a suitable replacement are slim to none with two more attractive opening in just our own division. At least hold your tongues for one more season unless you truly want to be stuck with a bargain bin coach.

One of the biggest themes from the 2015 season so far has been Georgia Tech's heavy reliance on freshmen all year long. Though having to put so much stock in the performances of such young players hasn't been kind to the 2015 campaign, it certainly spells success for the future -- each player is extremely talented and a little bit more development for each one could provide great rewards for the coaching staff. Is it ideal to be playing over a dozen true and redshirt freshmen every game? Of course not. But injuries are not something that we can control and the experience will be valuable later on.

The very first playoff rankings of the 2015 season were released yesterday and feature the a surprising No. 1: Dabo Swinney's Clemson Tigers. I may be the only person in the entire SEC-dominated deep south who feels this way, but Clemson is absolutely deserving of that top spot. Their schedule, while it isn't the toughest in the nation, provides plenty of opportunities to make statements and Clemson has really seized that opportunity with big wins over Notre Dame and Miami among others. The rest of the playoff picture is rounded out by LSU, Ohio State, and Alabama. I personally feel that Baylor and Notre Dame are better than Ohio State and Alabama, but that's just me.

Meanwhile in Athens, the Georgia faithful are continuing their revolt against the current coaching staff and head coach Mark Richt. UGA, which lost big to Florida over the weekend in Jacksonville, seems to have been at least exploring the possibility of a coaching change in light of the team's struggles. The good news if they do decide to fire Richt is that he has owned the Jackets throughout his tenure. The bad news, however, is that he would likely land at either his Alma mater of Miami or even at Virginia Tech.

What is your current playoff field?