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Technical Tidbits 11/3

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Could Megatron be southbound?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Today is November 3, 2015 and the total number of Georgia Tech-related articles published outside of FTRS yesterday was one. Just one. On the entire Internet. ONE. Thankfully, today is also the anniversary of a very notable moment in Georgia Tech history -- on this day in 1990, the Jackets upset No. 1 Virginia in Charlottesville. The irony of that anniversary is unmistakable considering that Tech lost in Hooville just two days ago in almost reciprocal circumstances, but it is cool nonetheless. That link takes you to a 2011 post from Bill C. which details how the game went down, including a replay of the end. Happy anniversary!

Yesterday's abnormally quiet college football landscape, though it did make our days much less interesting, had no impact on the success of Georgia Tech's alumni in the pros -- their great performances are detailed right here. Leading the way were Tech's two standout wide receivers of the past, Calvin Johnson and Demaryius Thomas. Thomas finished his day with a season-best 8 catches for 168 yards while Megatron added in 5 receptions for 85 yards for his Detroit Lions and my fantasy team. Defensive end Michael Johnson, currently of the Bengals, was the only Yellow Jacket to record a sack this week -- he brought down Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers.

The NFL's in-season trade deadline is today at 4 o'clock and one of the biggest names being thrown around is the aforementioned Megatron, a long-time Lion who more than deserves a fresh start. Johnson, who is arguably the best wide receiver in NFL history despite being just 30 years old, is one of the highest-paid players in the league. Many argue that his contract is preventing Detroit from making the necessary moves to improve their 1-7 football team, choosing to ignore his accomplishments and instead focus on the defective nucleus around him. One of the names being thrown around as a potential suitor for Johnson is that of the Carolina Panthers, a divisional rival of the Falcons and the current leaders of the NFC South. That would be a less-than-ideal development, at least for Falcons fans.

I'll leave you today with a depressing look at some updated bowl projections which no longer feature Georgia Tech anywhere. Though the Jackets are not fully eliminated from bowl eligibility as of today, one more loss will do the trick. I'd love for that one loss never to come, but there is no possible way for the Jackets to win out while playing as they have all season long. Even a low-tier bowl would be an amazing feat at this point.

What odds do you give Tech of making a bowl?