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Technical Tidbits 11/27

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Seven puppies die every time a cut block is executed.

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Fact: If I had a dime for every ACL that was torn by a Georgia Tech cut block this season then I would have exactly zero dimes. But by all means, don't let that kill the narrative that they are dangerous and, in some obscure way, the most immoral practice in all of college football despite being totally legal. This annual rivalry game against Georgia is one of the main offenders in terms of people whining about the cut blocking scheme, and this season is no different: UGA players are already voicing their concerns. I do find it funny that Tech's linemen apparently keep track of the cuts they make -- at least if Jordan Jenkins' account is to be believed. At any rate, get over it. Option teams are not the only ones that use cut blocking -- Jimbo Fisher and other notable coaches also employ it on some plays -- but I guess it makes good motivational material for some people.

Georgia Tech basketball improved to 4-1 on the season yesterday with an impressive 83-73 win over Arkansas in the NIT Season Tipoff event, held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. I am really beginning to get on board with this season's team, or at least more than I did with the 2014 Jackets because the 2015 guys are doing exactly what the 2014 guys couldn't -- finish in close games. Outside of the one loss, the Jackets have not had a single late-game explosion. Heck, they haven't even had one of Brian Gregory's signature 10-minute scoring droughts all season long. That is encouraging for a team like this. The Jackets are back in action today against No. 8 Villanova.

Georgia Tech B-Back Marcus Marshall and Georgia running back Keith Marshall may live in a house divided, but their family is anything but -- the Jacket and Bulldog put their differences aside to enjoy Thanksgiving at an aunt's house but will be all business on the field. Keith is not likely to get a whole lot of playing time, even in the absence of Nick Chubb, but the sentiment of brother-on-brother violence is certainly still relevant. I can't wait to see how Marcus responds. Hopefully he'll channel that competitiveness into a fantastic on-field performance in the final game of his freshman year.

I'll leave you today with a look back at the full game of Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate from last season. There are just over 24 hours left until kickoff and there's no reason that you shouldn't spend at least a few of them re-watching the game. It is Hate Week, after all.

How do you feel about the 2015 basketball season after the latest win?