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Technical Tidbits 11/25

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Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate has been one of the most closely-contested rivalries in the Southeast over the last decade. Huh?

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Former Alabama forward Nick Jacobs has stepped in and become an integral cog for Brian Gregory during his first and last season on The Flats, writes The Good Word's Jon Cooper. Jacobs, who sat out all of last season in accordance with NCAA transfer rules, has scored in double figures in each of Tech's four games this season and has been arguably the most consistent offensive player on the team -- he has shot 61% from the floor and 83% from the line on the year. That 83% free throw mark is especially relieving, particularly when you consider that the Jackets as a team are shooting just 69% at the line. It isn't great, but it is certainly better than last season's anemic percentage.

Yet another upperclassman announced that he would be ending his Georgia Tech career yesterday when junior defensive end Tyler Stargel decided that the 2015 season will be his final as a collegiate athlete. Stargel, who started a couple of games for the Jackets last season and was sporadically productive, will not seek to transfer to any other school for his final year of eligibility, citing his readiness to "move on". I get that this is now the fourth upperclassman to call it quits during this season, but it just isn't an indicator of anything bigger. Independent decisions like these are almost always made for the good of an individual as opposed to that of the team. Don't get too caught up in it. Good luck to Tyler in his future endeavors.

If the season ended today, the second annual playoff would be an interesting field of four: Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Iowa in that order. Clemson should be and is the no-brainer number one, having played a significantly tougher schedule than any of the other four and not having lost a single game. I'm honestly not sure why Alabama gets so much credit considering how the Tide hasn't played anyone all season -- Nick Saban's team has a grand total of one win over an opponent in the current poll. Iowa, meanwhile, is coasting through a soft schedule; their best win is against Northwestern. They are undefeated, however, and therefore deserve their top-4 ranking. For now, at least.

It is no secret that Mark Richt has owned Paul Johnson ever since Johnson's debut on the Flats. What may surprise you, however, is that Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate has actually been the most competitive rivalry in the SEC over the past 10 years, at least statistically. The annual game has been decided by just over 10 points per contest over the last decade, a lower figure than any other rivalry in the SEC (and lower than most in the ACC as well). So we may be 2-8 over that period, but it's really the effort that counts. Right?

Are you surprised to hear that Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate is actually one of the more competitive rivalries in the Southeast?