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HALFTIME REPORT: Jackets Trail Miami 24-7

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Life is meaningless and one day we will all live in the ground.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Georgia Tech got off to a good start against Miami, holding the Hurricanes to a 3 and out and scoring a quick touchdown on their first series.

.....and that's about it.

Justin Thomas is hurt and questionable to return, Matthew Jordan had a fumble inside the Miami 5 the Canes turned into a touchdown, and another fumble was scoop-and-scored, because forward progress is still a myth.

To drive that stake even further, Ryan Rodwell shanked a punt at the end of the half to set up a 57 yard field goal for Miami. They made it, because this team is still under a VooDoo Curse.

Let's talk about the first half. Or the futility of existence. Either is good.