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From the Rumble Seat's Over/Unders - Miami 2015

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The Yellow Jackets will travel on the road for an ACC Showdown against the Miami Hurricanes on Saturday at 12:30 on the ACC Network. Predict how the game will play out!

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

I tried, you guys. I realized that after not putting up an Over/Unders against FSU, the Jackets won. I put them back up against Virginia and they lost. I thought, "I won’t put them up against Virginia Tech, Miami and UGA and we’ll be 6-6 going into bowl season." That didn’t turn out as expected (Thanks a lot, Errin Joe). So here we sit at 3-7 with bowl hopes still alive (though not likely) and I think everyone, including the national media, is shocked about how this all turned out.

We’ve only got two of these Over/Unders left (possibly three) so let’s make the most of them. Georgia Tech will play Miami in the irrelevant bowl this week and Georgia Tech is a 2.5 favorite on the road. Is that how it will play out?