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Georgia Tech Film Review: Virginia Tech - Third Quarter

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In which the wheels come completely off the offense

Garrett Reid-USA TODAY Sports


  • 3Q 15:00 1st and 10 VT from the VT 25 - Busted play: Power Run. Brant Mitchell comes in and gap fills perfectly, engaging the OL, then shedding and putting the hurt on Brewer. Now that's how you play linebacker!
  • 3Q 14:10 3rd and 10 VT from the VT 25 - Mitchell trails Hodges on the crossing route. Hodges actually has some separation from  Mitchell, but Brewer throws an awful pass. Mitchell shows good hands and immediately breaks for the end zone. Touchdown. Good series of downs for the Freshman.
  • 3Q 13:39 2nd and 1 VT from the VT 28 - Run. The line holds well. Victor Alexander runs into his gap responsibility and knocks the OL who engages him down. Was pretty cool to see. Looked like his High School highlights. Unfortunately the RB cuts back, so it didn't matter too much. Mitchell hits him at the first down marker, but the RB spins out of it to extend the run for 4 yards and a 1st down.
  • 3Q 12:06 2nd and 6 VT from the VT 37 - Run Off-tackle. Victor Alexander doesn't react quickly enough and gets blocked out by the Fullback. VT also pulls guards to the edge to get numbers on that side. The safeties were shaded to the other side of the field so we had a numbers disadvantage at the Point of Attack. Good play call by the Hokies. Mitchell makes the tackle after a 1st down gain.
  • 3Q 11:47 1st and 10 VT from the VT 46 - Bubble Screen to Cam Phillips. The safety is playing way deep over the slot, so Brewer throws the Bubble out to Phillips. Marcordes can't get out there and make the tackle, and Phillips runs for a huge gain down the sideline. Yet another play allowed by how we lined up.
  • 3Q 10:50 1st and 10 VT from the GT 19 - Read Option. KeShun Freeman is the read man. He attacks the mesh, forcing the read, then makes the tackle for a short gain. Good play by Freeman.
  • 3Q 10:15 2nd and 7 VT from the GT 16 - Sweep outside with Guards pulling. Freeman gets into the backfield and strings the play to the edge. Noble then hits him to slow him down, and Demond Smith comes in to lay the wood. Lots of big hits on this play and excellent swarming by the defense.
  • 3Q 8:42 1st and 10 GT from the GT 25 - Triple Option. VT has the DTs shift pre-snap. This tactic has been common this year with the OL's struggles identifying fronts. The MLB messes up on this play, and reads zone dive. Thomas pulls to the outside, and the OLB cheats to the pitch again. Thomas puts a spin move on a man downfield and gets 12. Thomas still has it. He just needs some support and a bit of luck.
  • 3Q 7:48 3rd and 5 GT from the GT 42 - Pass. Jeune and Lynch run deep routes but are covered. Willis sneaks out to the flat and is uncovered. Thomas checks down and Willis gets the first. A good adjustment by CPJ to the aggressive pass rush. Pass protection is sloppy on this play but is somehow effective.
  • 3Q 6:32 1st and 10 GT from the VT 47 - Triple Option. I'm not sure a single OL executed their assignment on this play. Neither DT gets blocked, and Thomas has to keep the ball to the outside quickly. Will Bryan gets jammed by the OLB and falls down. Backside cutoff is bad too. Snoddy hears the MLB's footsteps and fumbles the pitch. This was a big turning point, as the offense was driving here.
  • 3Q 6:10 2nd and 10 VT from the VT 48 - Pass. The DL gets a great pass rush on this play. Rod Rook-Chungong gets up the field and pushes his man back into Brewer's face. Brewer ducks right into Francis Kallon, who barely misses him after beating his man. Anree Saint-Amour is moving on a stunt, but sees Brewer flush from the pocket trying to escape Kallon and takes off after him. Saint-Amour shows great quickness to get after Brewer before he has a chance to read what's downfield at this point, and gets him to the ground for the sack. He's got a bright future.
  • 3Q 5:21 3rd and 23 VT from the VT 35 - Pass. Milton had slightly early contact on this incomplete pass but it wasn't called. This was almost a really dumb play. Even if the ball was caught, it had no chance of going for a 1st down. Good job by the defense overall on this series to limit damage after the turnover.
  • 3Q 5:02 1st and 10 GT from the GT 36 - Pass. VT yelled something that sounded like "Pass" as Clinton Lynch went in motion pre-snap, which may mean we are tipping our hands with some motions and formations. Braun and Klock get beaten because they are leaning forward a bit too much. Thomas throws it up for Stewart, who comes down for it, but he's barely out of bounds. To make matters worse, his left foot was in-bounds and came down milliseconds after the out of bounds one. It was almost simultaneous. Great effort by Stewart, but more bad luck for this team.
  • 3Q 4:53 2nd and 10 GT from the GT 36 - Triple Option with adjusted Blocking scheme. Will Bryan goes for the safety and gets him, while Willis comes inside to get the MLB. Willis reacts too slowly and has no hope of getting the MLB, who blows up Lynch on the pitch. Willis owes Lynch after that play.
  • The last bit of this quarter was messed up on the replay, so I didn't get to see VT's drive, but they drove down the field and missed a Field Goal.