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Technical Tidbits 11/17

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There are five FBS teams without "university" in their names. ESPN wants you to name them for the 1,000th time.

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Georgia Tech may be receiving consistent F's for on-field performance, but at least Paul Johnson and the coaching staff give the team an A in the effort category. Saying that a team plays with effort is hardly any consolation for a 3-7 start, but I really can't disagree with the assessment -- the Jackets haven't quit once all season long. Most teams on a 5-game losing streak wouldn't have what it takes mentally to come out and beat the No. 9 team in the country, but Tech did. That is as good a testament to the team's attitude as anything else. I wish things would've gone better to this point.

ESPN recently exercised its six-day option on the Georgia Tech vs. Georgia game, meaning that we will have to wait a while longer before officially finding out when the 2015 edition of Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate will be played. While we can't be sure of a specific kickoff time at the moment, the two options are between a noon start and a 3:30 start at Bobby Dodd Stadium. I personally can't stand noon games, but that could be just me. A win by both the Jackets and Georgia this week should go a long way towards persuading ESPN to make it a 3:30 kick. Maybe we can make that elusive victory happen for the fourth time this season.

SB Nation's Steven Godfrey recently published a fantastic quasi-longform piece on his experience at a Missouri football game with a former Tiger, an especially interesting read given the insanity which has spent the last few weeks overtaking Mizzou's campus. It is rare to get an inside look at the opinion of a recent or current college football player on a social issue like the one at Missouri (Cardale Jones' Twitter account not withstanding), so I highly recommend taking a look at the article. It is as much an ode to Tigers head coach Gary Pinkel, who will retire at the end of the season for health reasons, as anything -- Pinkel appears for all the world to be an ideal player's coach and a one of few people in the college football world with unquestionably good judgment.

GT Bob has continued his good work even in the face of evil by positing each Tech game for the season, including the last loss against Virginia Tech (which you can see below). I didn't realize that the trivia question from the game was the classic "name the other four FBS schools without "university" in their name". No wonder Tech lost.

Just for future reference: Army, Navy, Air Force, Boston College. Now stop asking me, ESPN.

Are you encouraged by the team's effort all season or too focused on the result?