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Technical Tidbits 11/16

In which basketball season kicks off and Keenan Reynolds makes option quarterbacks proud.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech kicked off the 2015 basketball season over the weekend with a very impressive 116-81 victory against Cornell on Friday night. Cornell is obviously not a national powerhouse, but it isn't exactly a cupcake either. A single game versus an Ivy League basketball team is by no means a defining win, but dropping 116 points on a team which never surrendered more than 80 to any opponent last season is impressive. Everyone discrediting the win is simply in the wrong. I can't even find the last time Georgia Tech scored 116 points in a game. It's an impressive feat regardless of the opponent.

In fact, those 116 points were more than just impressive -- they were historic for both programs. On the Tech side, it was the fifth-highest scoring game in Georgia Tech history. There is something to be said for that, even if it did come against an Ivy League school. For Cornell, meanwhile, the 116 points set a new school record for points scored against the Big Red. Cornell started playing basketball in 1898. That is just impressive in a number of ways. I hope Tech can continue the momentum throughout the season and into ACC play.

The Jackets may be coasting to start the season, but they can't let their guard down tonight when they face a tough Tennessee team at McCamish Pavilion. The Vols have high expectations for this season but faltered ever so slightly against UNC-Asheville, topping the Bulldogs by just 4 points at home in their season opener. It is also worth noting that the UNC-Asheville Bulldogs very well could be the best Bulldogs in the SEC -- Mississippi State needed a late surge to escape Eastern Washington and Georgia fell to Chattanooga in Athens. Hopefully the Jackets can add to the SEC's misery tonight with a big win over Tennessee.

Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds did all option quarterbacks proud over the weekend when he broke Montee Ball's FBS record for rushing touchdowns. Reynolds, who broke Ball's previous record of 78 career rushing scores, has a great chance to pad that lead in the coming weeks. He has been an amazing quarterback for Navy over the past four years -- better than any quarterback in the Paul Johnson era at Tech -- and is one of the best overall players in the nation. Congratulations to him on a great career.

Does scoring 116 points carry great significance or is it overblown?