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Technical Tidbits 11/12

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It's gameday on The Flats!

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Former Yellow Jacket sharpshooter Chris Bolden, who elected to transfer away from the team following a pattern of disciplinary issues and a six-game suspension at the end of last season, has found a new home at Tennessee State University. Bolden, who looked extremely promising after his freshman season on The Flats, fizzled out quickly for his two subsequent years under Brian Gregory before leaving the team at the end of last season. The decision, though it had always been reported as a transfer, was clearly not Bolden's alone -- Gregory said that the move was in the best interest of both Bolden and the Tech program. He will be eligible to play during the 2016-2017 season.

The time has come for Brian Gregory's 2016 recruiting class to sign their national letters-of-intent, and four-star power forward Romello White became the first to do so yesterday. White, the most highly-regarded of Gregory's three-man 2016 recruiting class, committed to Tech almost exactly two months ago. He will help to fill what will likely be a very depleted Tech frontcourt in 2016 -- nearly every big man on the roster will be gone after this season. White could be in line for some very early playing time, and rightfully so. He should be a great player.

Sparky is an energetic Sun Devil mascot from Arizona State. David Schapira is a politician from Arizona who had just had major back surgery a few months ago. When the two meet... bad things happen. As in $123,000 worth of bad things. In this case, Sparky decided to jump onto the representative's back, tearing a muscle and causing just shy of $100,000 worth of medical bills. That is just highly unfortunate. It would be like Buzz slamming into John Lewis as he does the goalpost before every game. Just. Don't. Do. It.

Today is gameday and that means that it's your last chance to get some of this awesome hype video (Unless you are into watching hype videos from games that already happened. You do you). I'm struggling to get hyped up for any game, but that's because I keep forgetting that we are battling for bowl eligibility. Hopefully the team's memory is a bit better.

If you could commission Buzz to deck one person at tonight's game, who would it be? I vote Bryce Harper.