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Georgia Tech Basketball: Player Preview - Ben Lammers

Today we will look at the only center on Georgia Tech's roster. Hopefully, he will make a big impact as the season continues. Ben Lammers could become a force by the end of the season.

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As basketball season approaches, we at FTRS will be breaking down the team player by player. Today, we take a look at sophomore Ben Lammers.


Sophomore Ben Lammers was one of the highest rated bigs coming out of the 2014-2015 signing class. A 3-star recruit coming out of Houston, Texas, Lammers was ranked as the 19th ranked prospect coming out Texas. He garnered more than eight scholarship offers from some of the better basketball programs around the country, and selected Tech over Miami and Marquette.

At 6-foot-10 and 215 lbs., there were talks of Lammers potentially coming in and starting at center on day one. Lammers was mostly pursed for his defensive abilities. He could block shots and rebound well, even though many said he needed to gain some muscle and strength.

Offensively, Lammers had a good amount of athleticism and skill. Being the only center on Tech's roster, he didn't have much of an identity on the offensive end. He could shoot, he could put the ball on the floor, he could play with his back to the basket... fairly well. His offensive game could be described as solid, but no part was considered polished coming out of high school.


In high school, Lammers averaged a double-double, scoring more than 16 points a game. He earned Defensive MVP for Alamo Heights High School three consecutive years. He was recruited by Tech because of his size and athletic abilities. The coaching staff look to develop Lammers offensive game, while needing immediate help inside and on the boards.

Lammers contributed on both ends of the court for Coach Gregory as a freshman. In 19 games, he averaged six minutes in a backup role. Lammers scored 22 points and pulled down 28 boards for the season, and seemed to build confidence as the year continued. Against Rhode Island and Duke, the sophomore grabbed four rebounds playing a key role off the bench.

This Season

This season, Lammers added about 20 pounds of muscle. Now the Texas native tips the scales at 6-foot-10 and 231 lbs. No one knows if this will help improve his play, but it offers Coach Gregory an opportunity to play with a true center who has solid in all facets of his game.

Lammers' defensive abilities is second nature. And he will undoubtedly be used throughout the season and in conference play. With so many new additions, the big question will be what the starting five will look like and/ or what will become the regular rotation. Even though Lammers may not crack the starting lineup, he is poised for a heavier workload. It is possible the 6-10 sophomore will man the second unit with fellow sophomore Tadric Jackson, Quinton Stephens and Josh Heath.

Lammers' knowledge of his position is gaining recognition. He uses his body well and stays in position for rebounds and put-backs. For the 2015-2016 season, Lammers looks to come closer to becoming a regular part of the Gregory's rotation and hopefully become an impact player. He obviously has the size and strength and has shown flashes of confidence. This will be a pivotal year for Tech and the Tech coaches. It will also be a pivotal year for the sophomore center. If he is not a big part of their plans by the year's end, he may never realize his potential under Coach Gregory.