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Technical Tidbits 11/11

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Could it be Matthew Jordan time on The Flats? Paul Johnson says maybe.

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The Battle of the Techs, though it isn't one of the longest-running Georgia Tech rivalries, has quickly evolved to become a fan favorite and one of the most competitive games year in and year out. Though Frank Beamer has largely owned Paul Johnson from the time he arrived on the Flats, even the losses have generally been close and hard-fought. That coupled with a high percentage of the games being played in front of a national audience (including five on Thursday nights, a night where Virginia Tech has never lost to Tech) has created a rivalry that makes no sense but is enjoyable nonetheless. The two schools have no history of hating each other and no history of even meeting on the field, but that just makes it more fun. Somehow.

I've been fighting to avoid linking to an article about this all week because of the AJC's weird paywall/five free articles per month policy, but it is just too worthy of discussion. Paul Johnson indicated during his press conference that backup quarterback Matthew Jordan, who moved from A-Back following Tim Byerly's season-ending injury, may play at some point during the Virginia Tech game. I truly have no idea what to make of this proclamation. I seriously doubt that Johnson is doing it as a slight to Justin Thomas, though some competition may be beneficial for him. It could also be a little smoke and mirrors act by Johnson to throw off Bud Foster. Or maybe both Jordan and Thomas will sit on the bench as Tim Byerly reveals that he actually isn't injured at all and gets the start. DECEPTION. That's how you win. Take notes, everyone.

Hey, have you heard that Georgia Tech is still trying to extend its bowl streak? What do you mean it's all you've read about over the past two weeks? Oh well. This has been a bye week and it is well-documented that nothing happens during bye weeks. That is especially true during by weeks that are sandwiched between an ugly loss and another potentially ugly loss. I personally can't wait for Tech to either win or lose so we can stop talking about it for a day or two. All I ask for is another Miracle on Techwood-esque play to take my attention away from all the doom and gloom.

The playoff committee released its second set of rankings for the season and still feel that Clemson is the number one team in the nation. The Tigers are coming off of a relatively easy win over No. 16 Florida State (we did it first!) and remain undefeated on the season with the toughest part of the schedule still behind them. Notre Dame was the newcomer to the top four, replacing the LSU team which got blown out by Alabama, which got defeated by Ole Miss, which got defeated by Memphis, which lost to Navy, which lost to... Notre Dame. It all comes full circle! Notre Dame everything.

Will Georgia Tech be able to score on Bud Foster's defense? How does introducing Matthew Jordan to the gameplan help that?