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Technical Tidbits 11/10

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Georgia Tech could go bowling at 5-7.

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech got some more bad news yesterday when Paul Johnson made the official announcement that wide receiver Micheal Summers had quit the team with just three games left in the regular season. I have always refrained from using the word "quit" when players leave the team, especially for personal reasons, but there is really no other way to describe this situation. Even Paul Johnson, who understands Summers' motives better than any of us, used the term to explain why Summers decided to leave the team. Ricky Jeune and Brad Stewart will start in Summers' absence with Brandon Oliver and Antonio Messick backing them up.

Georgia Tech's hopes of extending its 18-season bowl streak could be much realer than you think. Even if the Jackets lose one of the next three games and finish the season at 5-7, there is a very real possibility that Tech could go bowling anyway because of a projected lack of 6-6, bowl-eligible teams. For that to happen the Jackets would need to finish exactly 5-7 and then petition the NCAA to receive a waiver for bowl eligibility, as they did in 2012 in order to reach a bowl at 6-7. The "tie breaker" to determine which of the 5-7 teams would get the spots is each school's APR score (basically their graduation rate) and Tech is currently fifth on that list. Hope lives!

Thursday night's game against Virginia Tech on The Flats will be the final Thursday game of Frank Beamer's long Hokie career. Beamer, whose 276 wins as a head coach are the fifteenth-most all time, has built an amazing legacy at Virginia Tech. I dread playing his team every year but still have a ton of respect for what he's been able to do. Frank Beamer should be inducted into every Hall of Fame as soon as possible, but there are still some who feel that his history of having some disciplinary issues on his teams could keep him out of Cooperstown Canton South Bend Atlanta. Sorry, but that's dumb.

I'll leave you today with a look at Georgia Tech's alumni in the NFL and how they did during week nine. It was another slow week overall with linebacker Phillip Wheeler pulling most of the weight -- he finished with 10 tackles for the Falcons. Wheeler was also the recipient of a questionable roughing the passer call on 49ers quarterback Blaine Gabbert after he initiated contact with Gabbert's "head" (shoulder).

What do you make of Micheal Summers' decision to leave the team?