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Technical Tidbits 10/9

The 2015 season has been a freshman revolution and it just isn't working.

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Before you ditch the ugly UNC game once and for all in favor of tomorrow's matchup with Clemson, take a look at this fantastic breakdown from The Sports Quotient. As the author correctly indicates, Tech has all but eliminated itself from contention in the ACC Coastal. By losing to both Duke and UNC, the Jackets will need nothing short of a miracle to see the field in Charlotte this season. To be perfectly honest, knowing so early that a return trip to the ACC Championship is out of the question stings a bit. While winning a national title is the obvious goal for any team, last year's slim loss to FSU was something I was eager to avenge.

If the 2015 is ever going to get back on track, it will have to come about as a result of Paul Johnson evolving along with his team, writes Rant Sports. We've seen Johnson deviate from his usual tendencies a few times this season whether it be by changing the way he calls plays or considering going up-tempo, but nothing has worked so far. The only thing in the article that I take exception to is the final line, which says that Johnson needs to "check his ego and evolve". Why are we calling out Johnson's "ego" when we're talking about him making changes to a system that has worked flawlessly for him for years? It would be insane for him not to have reservations about changing his ways because they have historically worked so well.

Of Georgia Tech's 25-man 2015 recruiting class, 10 true freshmen have already seen the field for the Jackets with a few more waiting on deck for some potential playing time. Among those who have played well in their first collegiate seasons are defensive back A.J. Gray The 2015 season has been a freshman revolution and it just isn't working. and B-Back-turn-A-Back Mikell Lands-Davis, both of whom have played large roles despite not playing ever snap. It is certainly encouraging to have so many youngsters contributing so quickly, but I still wish Paul Johnson's hand wouldn't have been forced by injuries to the extent that it has been so far. Some of them are just not ready for collegiate action in the ACC.

I can't find a new hype video for tomorrow's Tech game at Clemson, so I'll just go ahead and recycle this one from last season. The video also includes highlights from the 2014 season which you can watch and cry over at your own discretion.

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Are you encouraged or discouraged by Tech's need to play so many true freshmen this season?