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Technical Tidbits 10/8

In which Fan Duel steal's Roddy Jones' pictures and Georgia Tech fails to procure "hella swag".

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

You may have seen absolutely have seen thousands of ads promoting the now much-embattled fantasy sports sites of Fan Duel and Draft Kings, but did you know that each Fan Duel ad also comes with an illegally-used photo of former Yellow Jackets Roddy Jones and Jason Peters? The photo of Peters and Jones appears in the background of the advertisement, just to the right of the actor, and its presence is puzzling to say the least. It must have been a bit surreal for the two former Jackets to turn on their televisions and see themselves on a random advertisement. I really like Jones' comment on the matter:

"They said they make someone a millionaire every day, so why not me?"

I can't really tell if that's a burn or not but I'm not above screaming BUUUUUUUURRRRRRN even if it isn't. So BUUUUUUUURRRRRRN.

Yesterday marked the 99th anniversary of Georgia Tech's historic 222-0 beatdown of Cumberland. That would typically be something worth celebrating except for the fact that I first learned about it on Twitter and Twitter commenters are meanie heads who like to say hurtful things like "but they still can't beat Duke" and "still 2-3". Thanks for ruining my day, Twitter users. Go back to trolling #FSUTwitter. Every comment you make about Georgia Tech is a Jaboo Crablegs joke that goes untold.

This has been a very strange edition of Technical Tidbits, so I'll leave it that way with this final article about rapper Luther Campbell and why he's pissed about the fading swag of the Miami Hurricanes. All I can tell you is that Al Golden, while having a name with the potential to be overflowing with swag, wears a tie on the sideline. My sources in the rap world  tell me that you shouldn't do that. Note: using Russell Athletic also inhibits Georgia Tech's ability to have "hella swag" according to these same sources.

I'm not even sure what to ask about. That was a random combination of even more random articles and facts.