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Technical Tidbits 10/6

In which we pray for a #Clemsoning miracle.

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Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The injury bug has hit the Jackets as hard as anyone this season and the team is beginning to feel the consequences. With depleted depth at many offensive skill positions as a result of injuries dating back to the offseason, the offense just hasn't been able to get rolling like it did a year ago. We've spoken a lot about how questionable blocking and other similar factors have made it hard for the Jackets to get anything working on offense, but the injuries likely play just as big a role as anything else. If everything continues developing as it has so far, the 2015 season could become one of the biggest "what if" years in recent history. The talent was there at one point but has been so deeply depleted that what we are left with just isn't getting the job done.

Despite coming off of a huge win over Notre Dame, the Clemson Tigers now have all eyes set on Georgia Tech as opposed to dwelling on their huge win over the Irish. The Tigers, who will play host to the Jackets this weekend in Clemson, are one of the best teams in the nation but have a proclivity to lose at untimely moments. Maybe if we are lucky Dabo's group will invoke their Clemsoning tendencies yet again when the Jackets come to town.

For some insight into Georgia Tech's loss to North Carolina over the weekend, take a look at Paul Johnson's weekly press conference below. That game was just a flood of missed opportunities and quarterback draws. I think I might have developed PTSD which kicks in every time a quarterback leaves the pocket.

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Nick Saban is just a very salty little man. A salty man with an abundance of football knowledge, but still salty to say the least. The infamous Crimson Tide coach most recently proved this when he responded to a question at his weekly press conference (presented by Coca Cola!) about the fluid perception of his team in just about the most defensive way possible. Saban, as it turns out, takes exception to the fact that the media had all but counted out 'Bama after their loss to Ole Miss two weeks back. Poor Alabama. It must be hard to be the underdog, always having to fight for national respect and being immediately counted out after a single loss. Oh wait...

Are injuries more to blame for Tech's struggles than anything else?