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Tweetcap: Cavaliers 27, Jackets 21

Twitter reacts to what could have been a second straight miracle for the Yellow Jackets.

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best football coaches in Georgia Tech history made an appearance in Charlottesville:

More injury news for the Jackets right out of the gate:

We coughed the ball up on our first possession, giving the Cavs great field position.

Bad news followed the early UVA field goal:

Time for the offense to get rolling.

I still can't decide if this is a good thing or not......

But this is definitely a good thing.

Despite a number of offensive penalties, our defense couldn't stop the Cavs on their next possession.

Good choice, Cam!

The second quarter started with a number of punts by both teams.

TIME FOR SOME TRIVIA (answer will come at the end of the second quarter):

Questionable officiating in the second quarter got a few folks fired up (we see you Joey).

The defense was letting UVA put a long drive together until Rod Rook-Chungong came up with a HUGE play!

After the timeout, Thomas found Lynch for another big score!

Interesting point...

The defense got a stop right before halftime, which is something we're not always used to seeing.