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Technical Tidbits 10/30

In which ESPN explores Paul Johnson's tongue wag.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Though Georgia Tech has experienced a litany of different problems all season long, the biggest issue for the Jackets very well could be the team's struggles to convert on third down since the early goings. Third down conversion is usually a statistic that Paul Johnson's teams have dominate, but this season has been a totally different story -- Tech is currently tied with UGA for 108th in the nation in terms of third down conversions at just 33%. That is bad by any metric, but is especially worrisome for an offense which struggles to thrive without converting on third down.

Lance Austin officially joined the ranks of the Georgia Tech legends after his amazing touchdown to beat Florida State, writes ESPN. Though I'm not sure if he's quite hit the legend status of Joe Hamilton (or Harrison Butker), Lance is just a few more miracles away from immortality on the Flats. If he wants to give us a few more exciting finishes like that then I'll be on board to do just about anything for him. Number retirement? Sure. Infinite eligibility? We are just a simple coup d'etat away from making that happen as well. The only thing we can't make happen is strippers because that apparently is an NCAA violation or something. If only someone had told Rick Pitino...

While we were busy sleeping or doing whatever mortal deeds we do, ESPN's Matt Fortuna was occupied with God's work: getting to the bottom of Paul Johnson's legendary tongue wag at the end of the Florida State game. It turns out that Johnson's invisible ice cream moment was brought on by a fan's comment rather than the outcome of the game -- a student after the game said "Hey, I love you, coach!", prompting the gesture. That, to me at least, makes it even more legendary. We can now confirm that Paul Johnson's most human moment was actually an act of extreme sarcasm. What else do you want?

So apparently Georgia Tech won some football game last weekend. Not sure what that's about, but here are the highlights for maybe the 900th time.

Is Lance Austin a legend? What even constitutes a legend?