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HALFTIME REPORT: Georgia Tech leads North Carolina 21-14 at the half

This looks…..different… least offensively.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Yellow Jackets have returned home, and so has the quality of play from the offense that we all expected at the beginning of the season.

Tech marched down the field in beautiful form on the first three first-half possessions. The three drives took up over 20 minutes of the clock. It was the types of drives that fans have been longing for during the two-game skid. Justin Thomas looked in total control with the offense, which is great to see.

North Carolina finally found the end zone with 1:29 left in the half behind some strong running by Elijah Hood.

After a three-and-out, Ryan Rodwell mishandled the snap and was able to barely get it away. The Tar Heels started the drive in Tech territory and drove the field to make it 21-14 going into halftime.

It's only a one-possession game, but it feels like it should be more.

How do you feel about the first half?