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Technical Tidbits 10/29

In which the Miracle on Techwood Drive causes mass excitement and.... an earthquake?

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 basketball season will be the biggest crossroads yet for head coach Brian Gregory, who will be entering his fifth season on the Flats with a raging fire under his seat for another consecutive season. Although the best finish in the ACC for a Gregory-coached team was 9th back in 2012, the embattled coach has arguably his most talented roster and best opportunity for success in 2015. Mike Bobinski had the opportunity to fire him back in March but decided that keeping him on board was in the best interest of Georgia Tech. I for one am willing to trust that decision, at least for one more season. I look forward to seeing what Gregory's product looks like this season.

It has been beyond fun talking about the Miracle on Techwood Drive over these past few days, but the real reason that Tech beat Florida State over the weekend was because of the otherworldly showing by the defense. The defensive unit has struggled all season long but somehow managed to completely shut down the Noles, holding all-world running back Dalvin Cook to one of his worst performances ever while also forcing the first turnover of the season for quarterback Everett Golson. That, especially when you consider that the defense shut out FSU in the second half, is absurdly encouraging. We could be in for a show if that momentum carries over to the UVA game.

We now owe the Atlanta Police Department a major apology after it was discovered that the disappearance of James Hubert, who was found badly injured by some train tracks last week, was caused as a result of his own actions rather than foul play. Everyone, myself included, was quick to jump on the APD after the department announced that no foul play was expected, but it now appears that the injuries were caused by Hubert attempting to jump from a bridge and onto a moving train, apparently trying to live up to his nickname of 007. Hubert is still recovering from the incident.

I'll leave you today with a look at the Georgia Tech seismograph, which registered an abnormally high reading after the Miracle on Techwood Drive went down over the weekend. That, to me, tells the whole story. The fact that the noise coming from Bobby Dodd Stadium nearly registered as an earthquake is amazing. Be sure to use that in recruiting, Paul Johnson.

Will the defense be able to carry its success from the FSU game over to the UVA game?