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Tweetcap: Jackets 22, Seminoles 16

Twitter reacts to one of the most insane endings you will ever see.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Jackets were tasked with taking on the ninth-ranked Florida State Seminoles for the 2015 Edition of Homecoming on The Flats.  This one was insane.

The first quarter went back and forth.  Each team would put 3 on the board with great kicks from Butker and Aguayo.

Good way of looking at it...

The second quarter looked like it could get out of hand.

But, Justin Thomas would keep us in the game with some huge plays late in the half.

We had some more unfortunate news as the second half got started.

A long drive ended with another Butker kick to get within 3.

The third quarter was dominated by our time of possession.  FSU only ran 5 plays.

FSU was driving early in the fourth quarter with a chance to pull away.

They would have another shot to seal the deal later, but our defense remained as stingy as they had been all night.

Late in the game, Butker tied the game from 35 yards out.  He would finish 3 for 3 on the night.

Our defense let FSU get into field goal position.

Then, twitter exploded.

The greatest wide receiver in the NFL was proud of his alma mater:

Lance Austin had some amazing words after the game:


In the words of Jamal Golden: