With 6 wins CPJ can still be the ACC Coach of the Year?


For those of you that don't know me I am the guy who posts about how we should fire CPJ. Seriously like all the time.

Though I am a CPJ hater I am also a Tech fan and I refuse to accept that we will go 2-10. I think that if Paul Johnson wins out he will be right there with Dabo for ACC COTY. It's harder to win with Walk-Ons than 5 stars.

The team isn't as bad as our record would indicate. If you change 3 plays in 3 games we are 5-2 with 2 loses to Top 10 teams. In the Duke game the long KO TD, UNC Gottis getting incorrectly flagged, and in the Pitt game to record breaking FG. Mind you these losses come while we are #2 in the NCAA in team injuries. And that is with the majority at A back and B Back. It's hard to run an option offense without running backs. #walkonsrunfar

First, Coach Johnson has done an amazing job getting freshmen ready to play that weren't supposed to see the field for years. If you look at the production CPJ has gotten out of his A Backs and his B Back Marcus Marshall it's easy to see that we are having an upward tic the last few games.

So what does he have to do? Win. Win all the games. Let's look how this would go down:

FSU: Paul Johnson historically plays FSU very close. Paul Johnson has played 3 1st round QBs at FSU and came out with a .500 record. The average margin of victory is 4.25 points. This is a night game at Bobby Dodd and FSU has struggled this year and have been bailed out by their All American running back. If we can stop their one weapon it's not crazy to see Tech winning 30-28. Think Clemson in 2011. We would be 3-5 with a BIG win. Kids start to buy in. Heck Tech fans won't have to cry themselves to sleep that night.

Next is @Virginia. This will be the first team all season Tech will play with a losing record. CPJ is 5-2 against the Cavs and we are currently on a 3 game win streak. IF Paul Johnson can keep the momentum going from the big win Tech can win another track meet, thinking 44-42 and we are 4-5. #notlebronscavs

Virginia Tech comes to town next. Historically Paul Johnson is bad against VT (2-5). But this is an article about how he wins COTY so just go with me. VT is having a bad year too. They are 3-4 at the time of writing this. So it'll be a toss up game. Since it's at home I say JT makes one more play than VT and we walk away with a 5-5 record. Now Georgia Tech fans and walk into public without being ashamed.

Next Tech gets a nice Southern vacation to Miami. At this point Tech is on a roll and Miami will have played Clemson, Duke, Virginia, and UNC. They aren't walking away with a great record from that. They will most likely be 5-5 too with Golden being fired. The U will be in disarray and Tech steals a road win from the team who wishes it was still the 80s. Thinking Tech wins easy 30-17.

Well guess what. we are 6-5 and the bowl streak is alive. I haven't said anything crazy yet and now we get to play the puppies. More than likely uga will be 8-3/7-4 heading into this game by winning a lot more 9 to 6 games. #secfootball UF and Auburn should probably beat them and I hope GSU sneaks up on them like they did on Tech last year. At home Paul Johnson does something he has never done as a Head Coach, beat Georgia at Booby Dodd. For the first time this century and the first time since overtime in 1999 Atlanta will celebrate a Tech win at home against those God awful dogs and get the first win streak since 98-00.

Johnson has turned his team around and is 7-5 win two bigs wins over our 2 big rivals. Georgia fans will be calling for the firing of CMR and Tech fans will be on cloud 9. We aren't going to the championship game, but who cares! WE BEAT GEORGIA!

We will probably go to the Belk Bowl and play a mid level SEC team, I'm thinking Tennessee Volunteers. Tennessee will be upset that they didn't play for the SEC title and comes in flat. Tech is riding a high we haven't seen in years. JT goes 2-0 in bowls and 4-0 against SEC teams. We will have won back to back bowl games since 03/04.

Now who are the voters going to pick? Clemson who misses the playoffs and loses the Orange Bowl to Michigan or CPJ who turned his team around from 2-5 and won out? Our team is very close to being 2-5 and fairly close to being very good. We are growing as a team and this season isn't lost yet. These predictions aren't too outlandish and it could turn into a better season than last year.

But these are just the thoughts of a random football fan...

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