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Technical Tidbits 10/16


Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Offensive line coach Mike Sewak, one of the more popular scapegoats for the team's struggles among many fans, recently made an interesting statement regarding why his unit is struggling so mightily: the lack of a "bell cow" lineman among the group. For those not familiar with the term "bell cow lineman" (I'd guess roughly 100% of you, myself included), it basically means a player who is able to recognize and relay the movements of the defense to Sewak on the sideline. In the past Shaq Mason and Omoregie Uzzi have filled that role, but now there is no such player on the roster. Guys like Freddie Burden and Errin Joe certainly seem capable of filling a similar role, but we'll have to wait and see if it really matters or not.

The staff over at Campus Insiders recently published a nice, concise preview of Georgia Tech's upcoming game with Pittsburgh, including why you should watch and some other good information. They have Tech losing by a final of 26-23 to the Panthers, but the Vegas line still stands at Tech by 3.5 for whatever reason. Interestingly enough, the 2-4 Jackets have still only been underdogs in one game all season, that being last week against Clemson. I'd say it's bad luck, but Tech got blown out last week so that probably doesn't hold much water.

New Patriot Shaq Mason, currently a starter for New England's offensive line, made Paul Johnson and the rest of Georgia Tech's staff proud last weekend when he pulled and ran nearly 40 yards down field on a run play despite not having a single person to block. I was watching the game and distinctly remember the commentators thoroughly enjoying Shaq's big run, making numerous references to how used to it he was from playing at Tech. HEAR THAT, GUYS? FREE EXPOSURE FROM CBS (FOX?)! You continue paying dividends, Shaq. Thank you.


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Is the lack of a "cowbell lineman" a feasible excuse for the line play this season?