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Technical Tidbits 10/14

We now know why Georgia Tech lost on Saturday: THE RALLY FISH.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

People do all kinds of crazy things at football games. One student at Clemson decided to take that statement one step further when he smuggled a "rally fish" into the Tigers' game against Georgia Tech on Saturday. The fish, which is actually quite large, was apparently just chilling in the Clemson student section for the whole game. I'd love to find out how one goes about sneaking a fish that large into a football game. That would be a great story.

It is frustrating to say the least, but the best course of action at this point in the season is to strip it down and start over with the base offense, writes ESPN. We are half way through the season and currently stand at 2-4. This team is simply too talented and experienced at key positions to be this bad. I can't explain what's going on and I doubt anyone else outside the program can either. The obvious answer is to put it on Paul Johnson and the coaching staff, but that's the easy way out. Coaches are always scapegoats. I'd rather blame Dan Radakovic for no apparent reason.

The Pittsburgh Panthers have not had much success stopping Paul Johnson's option attack in the past, but new head coach Pat Narduzzi will look to put an end to that on Saturday in Atlanta. Narduzzi, who is in his first year with Pitt after spending a number of seasons as the defensive coordinator at Michigan State, has faced the option a grand total of one time but remains confident in his ability to stop it. And why shouldn't he? Paul Johnson's normally well-oiled machine has looked anything but unstoppable recently. The Jackets have work to do if they hope to beat the Panthers on Saturday.

The landscape of college football today is completely different than it was just last week. Steve Sarkisian is out at USC. Randy Edsall is out at Maryland. And now the Head Ball Coach Steve Spurrier has resigned mid-season from his position at South Carolina, leaving yet another big-time opening in the midst of the 2015 season. Spurrier, who spent 11 seasons coaching the Gamecocks, is being largely praised for what he's done in Columbia but is still taking criticism from some who feel that he quit on his team. Another sentiment that I've seen a number of fans share is that Spurrier picked a terrible time to leave in light of the hurricane damage in Columbia. I doubt Spurrier himself took this into consideration, but it is interesting that some feel he left them during tying times.

Did Georgia Tech lose over the weekend as a direct result of the rally fish? Why is the answer to that question yes?