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Poll Review After Week 6

It's chaos. No one is good.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Here's our quick look at the polls following this Saturday.  What did we learn?  We learned that this sport is chaos, that no one is good, and that the state of South Carolina has weather issues.

Rank AP Coaches Massey
1 Ohio State (27) Ohio State (47) TCU
2 Baylor (13) Baylor (8) Florida
3 TCU (3) TCU (5) Utah
4 Utah (16) Michigan State (1) Clemson
5 Clemson (1) LSU (1) Michigan
6 LSU Clemson Ohio State
7 Michigan State Utah (1) Texas A&M
8 Florida State Florida State Baylor
9 Texas A&M (1) Alabama Alabama
10 Alabama Texas A&M Notre Dame
11 Florida Florida LSU
12 Michigan Ole Miss Florida State
13 Ole Miss Notre Dame Oklahoma State
14 Notre Dame Michigan Stanford
15 Stanford Oklahoma State Iowa
16 Oklahoma State Stanford Northwestern
17 Iowa Iowa Oklahoma State
18 UCLA UCLA Ole Miss
19 Oklahoma State Oklahoma UCLA
20 Northwestern Boise State Boise State
21 Boise State Northwestern Michigan State
22 Toledo Memphis California
23 California California Toledo
24 Houston Duke Temple
25 Duke Toledo USC

What have we learned this far?  Mostly that no one looks invincible - especially the heralded Ohio State team who are still mailing in lackluster wins against inferior opponents.

Baylor and TCU will be playing for a Playoff spot when they collide next month.

Somehow Utah is the best looking team in the Pac 12.  Neither USC or Oregon are even ranked.  Again, 2015 is chaos.

Who saw Florida looking like the best team out of the SEC? Or Toledo cracking the top 25? Or Orange Bowl champion Georgia Tech looking incoherent and plummeting from the polls?

I know that last one stings, but college football is still awesome. There's no telling where this season is headed.  Hell, Iowa is undefeated and USCw is having their new head coach check into rehab.

So, in this season of chaos, who makes the Playoff?