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FTRS Roundtable 10/1/15: Re-Calibrating Expectations

We're back again, answering YOUR questions! (Or at least doing the best we can.)

So, here's the deal. Georgia Tech is currently 0-2 in games following FTRS Roundtables over video. If the Yellow Jackets can't pull out of this nose dive this weekend, we might have to revert back to the old format. (So, if you prefer not to see our faces and hear our voices, define your cheering alliances accordingly.)

This week, we're talking about offensive play calling (take that phrase as you will), A-Backs with and without the ball, what the rest of this season looks like, and how it's going to start with this weekend's contest against North Carolina. If there was ever a prime opportunity to fix issues, it's a return home against a mediocre run defense...hopefully.

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions this week! Remember, submit your questions in our weekly Roundtable Questions Thread, via the Facebook page, via Twitter (@FTRSBlog), or via email (

The audio (.mp3) version of this discussion can be found here: link.