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Technical Tidbits 1/8

In which Paul Johnson looks to finish up the 2015 recruiting cycle.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech wide receiver Darren Waller and linebacker Quayshawn Nealy have both accepted invitations to play in the East-West Shrine game in St. Petersburg, a great opportunity for both players to cause some movement on NFL draft boards. Nealy and Waller will undoubtedly both be drafted -- Waller based purely on potential and Nealy based on his all-around talent -- although where the two Jackets end up going will depend largely on Pro Day or combine numbers. Congratulations to Darren Waller and Quayshawn Nealy on outstanding Tech careers and an invitation to Shrine game!

We're right in the middle of what has been a pretty sizable recruiting lull for Georgia Tech, but that doesn't mean that there isn't news from the recruiting front; the Jackets remain hot in pursuit of defensive end Anree Saint-Amour, the current top-of-the-wishlist recruit for Paul Johnson and company. Saint-Amour also has offers from Stanford (the Cardinal are thought to be the favorite for his services) and a number of B1G schools. He is currently a three-star recruit but could see his rating rise as signing day draws nearer.

Despite rumors involving former Florida offensive coordinator Kurt Roper, those dwags from Athens have reached an agreement to hire St. Louis Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer to fill the same position at Georgia. This is a puzzling move on the behalf of Schottenheimer, who fielded one of the more young and talented offenses in the NFL while in St. Louis, and speaks more to the dysfunction of the Rams franchise than to the attractiveness of the Georgia job for the most part. While I did call his offense in St. Louis young and talented, I certainly didn't mean to spin them as being a formidable unit by any means; the 2014 Rams were 28th out of 32 NFL squads in terms of total offense. Those numbers coupled with his lack of college experience make the hire very questionable.

Just one day after I ranted about Jameis Winston and how he should declare for the NFL as soon as possible, the big man decided that college wasn't really his thing and made himself available to NFL franchises. Goodbye, Jameis. We'll always have our memories, like the time you played your most flawless game of the season in what ended up being a 2-point loss by Georgia Tech, only to get blown out in your next game. On behalf of myself and crustaceans everywhere, I thank you for your... whatever the last two years are called.

Who has the brighter NFL future: Quayshawn Nealy or Darren Waller? Where do you expect them to go in the draft?

Have a great Thursday!