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Technical Tidbits 1/6

In which Synjyn Days accepts a bowl berth of his own.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

B-Back Synjyn Days has accepted an invitation to play in the Medal of Honor Bowl, hosted annually in Charleston, in what will be a great opportunity for the tough runner to show off for NFL scouts. Days ran for just short of 1,000 yards during his senior campaign on the Flats, including a 171 yard performance against a highly regarded Mississippi State run defense in the Orange Bowl. Despite his obvious success this season, Days still faces an uphill battle in terms of making it onto an NFL roster because of the ridiculous penalties that professional teams impose on anyone coming from a triple-option school. The Medal of Honor Bowl provides Days with a much needed (and well-deserved) opportunity to make a statement that few before him have been able to make: triple-option running backs can make it in the NFL.

Georgia Tech's basketball team made somewhat of a statement in their ACC opener against Notre Dame on Saturday when they took the No. 14 Irish to 2OT before eventually falling by a final score of 83-76. While the game was obviously a loss for the Jackets, they were able to prove that this team could hang with just about anyone in the conference, even on the road. I'd say that the solid performance answered a few questions that we all had about the team, especially since Tech was able to connect on 84% of free throws despite averaging just a shade over 60% for the season. It seems trivial, but if the Jackets can continue doing that consistently then we could be looking at a real contender in the ACC.

I'm sure that you are all having some serious withdrawals now that the season is over and we can't really talk about upcoming uniforms anymore, but fear not; Oregon and Ohio State have come to our rescue, having revealed the uniforms which they will wear in the upcoming championship game.  I don't claim to be an expert on branding or uniform color scheming (a high-level course which I'm sure is offered at UNC), but it seems to me that Oregon might have been better off going with something a bit more green. All of their fans will be wearing green in the stands, but the football team decided to break out the all-white and silver for the biggest game in college football history? I don't get it.

I'll leave you today with the Synjyn Days rendition of "Jump On It", performed live on the sideline of the Orange Bowl. The NFL should really like this funny little dance. I mean, you'd expect that an organization which is just one big joke would appreciate good humor, right?

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What kind of professional career do you expect Synjyn Days to have? Will he be successful at the next level?

Have a great Tuesday!