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From the Rumble Seat's Over/Unders: 2014 Results

Many of you stuck with the Over/Unders all through the season -- it's now time to see who was the best.

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

I'm sure that, ever since the final whistle of the Orange Bowl, you've been waiting eagerly on the edge of your seat for the results of our season-long over/under competition. The suspense has been especially built up, as you don't know the results of the regular season finale, conference championship game, or bowl game! That said, let's get to it.

georgia Game

georgia Leaderboard
Username Score Username Score
Atlanta's Original Team 6 Yeller Bug 4
JackAdamParker 5 repingtinraleigh 4
If Do Right, No Can Defense 5 CTjacket 4
SliceMonkey 5 Buzzgtg776g 4
Tyler Duke 4 Youngjacket 4
Joel Hernandez 4 DressHerInWhiteAndGold 4

An impressive showing from Atlanta's original team this week, with a perfect 6-for-6 mark! He wasn't about to be fooled by this game...which makes him a bit unique. The average score for this game was 2.91 out of 6 -- less than 50% for only the third time this season. AOT was trailed closely by users JackAdamParker and If Do Right, No Can Defense who each had 5, as well as staff runner-up Tyler Duke (among others) with 4. LVPs this week were acedarney, AugustaJacket, and EagleJacket99 -- all of whom went scoreless except for the spread. As for the overall score? Here's what it looked like, post-georgia:

Username Weeks Participated Score Username Weeks Participated Score
Atlanta's Original Team 14 52 gtee03 14 48
Tyler Duke 15 51 Buddy Smiggins 15 44
ClavinCliff 15 50 Caplax 15 44
Yeller Bug 15 50 PeterInVA 13 44
JackAdamParker 15 49 JoshJGT 14 44
JStew_GT 14 49 repingtinraleigh 15 43
dhbartlett 15 48 TechTiger52 13 43

ACC Championship Game

ACC Championship Leaderboard
Username Score Username Score
gettem'buzz 5 packerman 4
repingtinraleigh 5 AugustaJacket 4
Atlanta's Original Team 5 dhbartlett 4
baseball211 5 fuzzybee86 4
Joey Weaver 4 givemeglenn 4

The Jackets may not have come away with a win in this game, but a strong performance against an opponent few teams would have beaten that night makes me say, "gettem'buzz indeed!" (But that's just because I like puns.) Indeed, user gettem'buzz tied for this week's MVP spot with repingtinraligh, baseball211, and Atlanta's original team -- his second straight MVP. Strangely, it also came on a week where the average was below 50% -- it was 2.51, the lowest on the season. LVPs for the ACC Championship Game were youngjacket and dpearson6, both of whom put forth a valiant effort and came away with a goose egg...luckily, there's always next time! (Until the season's over, at least.) Let's revisit the leaderboard, where AOT's two MVP awards have put him comfortably in the lead:

Username Weeks Participated Total Score Username Weeks Participated Total Score
Atlanta's Original Team 14 57 Caplax 15 47
Tyler Duke 15 53 Buddy Smiggins 15 46
ClavinCliff 15 53 JoshJGT 14 46
Yeller Bug 15 53 PeterInVA 13 44
JStew_GT 14 52 TechTiger52 13 43
dhbartlett 15 52 gdheffley 15 43
JackAdamParker 15 51 Buzzgtg776g 15 43
gtee03 14 50 Ben.Tankersley 15 42
repingtinraleigh 15 48 DressHerInWhiteAndGold 15 42

That's right, it's all over but the cryin'. But we'll check on the Orange Bowl anyways.

Orange Bowl

Orange Bowl Leaderboard
Username Score Username Score
jerrlee 6 amswan 5
Gtsam 6 wgc 5
DressHerInWhiteAndGold 5 Buddy Smiggins 5
gtg825x 5 zetaman 5
fuzzybee86 5 SliceMonkey 5

Look at jerrlee and Gtsam finishing the season on a high note! Both posted a perfect score in the final game of the year, nailing even the strangest of over/under lines. It was an above-average performance across the board, with an average of 3.72 -- over a full point higher from the ACC Championship Game. The staff leader from the game was basically the entire staff that got 4 -- Ben, Tyler, Chris, Cade, and myself. (Grant was the staff LVP with a totally weak score of 3.) The game's LVP? User south of the border didn't find success on South Beach, only coming away with 1 correct answer. Better luck next year, friend!

So this is the part where we take a look at the leaderboard and see how much Atlanta's original team won by. EXCEPT THAT HE DIDN'T WIN. YEAH, YOU READ THAT RIGHT.

Yes, after leading by 5 through 13 games, AOT actually failed to submit picks for the Orange Bowl. He was on the 72nd hole with a 4-stroke lead, and decided he needed to go get a hot dog, never to return. WHY, AOT? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

Here are the actual top 20 scores at the season's end:

Place Username Weeks Total Score Place Username Weeks Participated Total Score
1 Atlanta's Original Team 13 57 12 JoshJGT 13 48
1 Tyler Duke 14 57 12 PeterInVA 12 48
1 ClavinCliff 14 57 14 DressHerInWhiteAndGold 14 47
1 Yeller Bug 14 57 15 TechTiger52 12 46
5 dhbartlett 14 55 15 gdheffley 14 46
5 JackAdamParker 14 55 15 Ben.Tankersley 14 46
7 JStew_GT 13 52 18 Buzzgtg776g 14 45
8 repingtinraleigh 14 51 18 Joey Weaver 14 45
8 Buddy Smiggins 14 51 18 packerman 13 45
10 gtee03 13 50 18 zetaman 11 45
10 Caplax 14 50

Yes, we're left with a four-way tie at the top at the season's end between Atlanta's Original team, Tyler Duke, ClavinCliff, and YellerBug. So, what are we to do about that?

As it turns out, there's one more set of Over/Unders we did and never took inventory on. We actually did them before the season ever started -- 10 categories this time, based on the season's results. So what did that look like?

2014 Season Over/Unders

Username Total Score Username Total Score
Banerjea 9 delkftf 8
upwut 9 jmasdon3 8
gtee03 9 longestday 8
Buzzgtg776g 9 MAXIMUS 8
dhbartlett 8 The_GT_LineageX11 8
rshultis3 8 rarmijo3 8
gtg826x 8 bsmed 8
Yeller Bug 8 GTalbatross 8
CTJacket 8 DangerJacket 8
ClavinCliff 8 highshoalsjacket 8
LxUn1c0 8 RamblinGamblinEngineer 8
AA-Town Jacket 8 Lancecho007 8

Again, there were 10 categories we picked from, and four users got 9 correct! Congrats to our in-house committee of Nostradamus users Banerjea, upwut, gtee03, and Buzzgtg776g (some of whom I can only hope are still reading the site nearly 6 months later). Overall, users averaged 6.1 correct picks, meaning the man setting lines was clearly still warming up. Staff leaders were AOT and Tyler Duke, each of whom nailed it for a solid 7 of 10 correct picks. Staff LVP was...I don't want to talk about it. (I only had 4 correct picks. It was a focal point of my annual performance review. I apologize and have to be better.) Overall LVPs were DressHerInWhiteAndGold and NoThanks, who each only had 1 correct pick. Guess this season was a pleasant surprise for you, eh?

So here's how this is going to go. The season-long Over/Under selections will serve as the tiebreaker for the four tied participants. Their scores were as follows:

Username Score
Yeller Bug 8
ClavinCliff 8
Atlanta's Original Team 7
TylerDuke 7

Strong showings from all involved, but this eliminates Atlanta's Original team and Tyler Duke while still leaving us tied for the top spot. So what now?

As a true planner, I made sure to install a backup to the backup. (My mother would be proud, trust me.) Yes, within the season-long picks, we added another layer of tie-breaker, this one the tiebreaker to rule them all. At the end of season selections, you were requested to predict the total final number of rushing yards that Georgia Tech would finish with, and no penalty for going over. Well, Georgia Tech finished with a strong 4,789 rushing how did our tiebreaker turn out?

Username Prediction Difference
Yeller Bug 4,153 636
ClavinCliff 3,333 1456

WE HAVE A WINNER! Congratulations to Yeller Bug, who won on a double tiebreaker after coming back from a 4-point deficit in the final game of the year! This is the true drama we've come to expect to see in these all-too-important competitions at FTRS.

Thanks to everyone who played this year! You can see the full season leaderboard, the full weekly leaderboards, and the full season picks leaderboard by clicking here: link.